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I included no url s nor contact info. in the orginal message..only those interested to contact me...

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most problems are caused by misunderstandings or perhaps the person reacts strongly to your point of view on one subject or another, which is is why I never post political nor religious arguments up on the internet, I have gotten in enough trouble giving out travel advice and url's and accused of Spamming by people who asked for such info. in the first place. Anyway those who backstab are cowards and stay away from such people on or off line" words of my references...
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Nolan Loxton Sep, 20 2005
----- seems to be the kingpin to know if you anticipate to travel central America.I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge and will draw extensively on his insights when I eventually get to central America.

References ------ Left Others:
Traveling to Latin America edit...
For: Nolan Loxton
Sep, 19 2005
Couchsurfers give Nolan a hand when he arrives to Latin America for a year excursion, Lat Am is a wonderful place, rich in culture and biodiversity with friendly people warm hearted and of course our beautiful women, but also exists the dark side of a small minority of petty criminals and con artists who can ruin an excrsion or vacation in a split second. The entire world is becoming a tough neighborhood. Couch Surfers stick together.

  • **anyway if you wish to know about the non profit eco lodge and volunteer project I will gladly put you in touch with the US Director who will even mail you a dvd on request..we are registered in Nicaragua as ngo and non profit org and are getting 501c to be US tax exempt..all travel info especially for first timers should be freely given without being accused of "spamming" th
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Promotional maybe?

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It's actually not that post that you can see that was flagged as promotional, but this one, which was a start to a thread and was not a response to someone's question:

Already been to Costa Rica? Looking for something different, more rewarding?

Volunteer with us in Nicaragua


We are constructing an 800 acre Non-Profit Eco Lodge just North of
Managua. The lodge has a River and Lake front with views of the mountains
past the valley. Horse back riding and hiking trails are being developed
through the property. Each trail is “themed” with History or Natural
information. One main lodge building and 12 smaller bungalows that are of
open design. Each with it’s own fruit trees and private surroundings.
The Lodge is of an Eco mind set, using environmental philosophy. All
inclusive with Food, Beverages, Tours and Fishing. The trails and land
area are being redeveloped to support local wild life. Each of those with
camping shelters with grills etc… There will be no Hunting except with
a Camera however, we will offer fishing in the River and Lake. Monkeys,
Fish, and over 250 types of Bird are in this area.

Profits of this project will go to helping support three public schools
in the area. At a later date construction of 80 low income homes will
also take place. Our charity (CINDURMA) is registered with the Nicaragua
Government in Managua. Copy of my certification is posted in the Group
“Files” area. If you are not interested in donating to this project
please look at some others in the Country - there are many !

If you or your group are interested in working with this project please
feel free to contact us by private message for all info.and free DVD. We need: Workers to come build,
people interested in developing the area schools, Financial contributions.

Once you get the info. then Check out the Maps and Photos in the "PHOTOS" and then "NON PROFIT ECO LODGE" section to the left. Hey, the other pics are not bad either.

Thank you and come have some fun !!

"The Gang" Poco de todo, poco loco.

Please also note that it has only been flagged as under Review and a moderator or admin will check the thread to see if they agree with the person that flagged it (a service only provided to respected members and travel gurus). Keep in mind that these are people that have been on the forum for months, if not years and are generally pretty well informed on what we approve of or not.

In this case, I agree with the person that flagged the post. No one asked a question that your post was meant to help with. The only reason for that post was to promote a service/product (including a URL or not is not how we define that). It might be voluntary work, but I'm sure you'll understand that in order to keep the (already sometimes hard to spot) fine line, we have to also flag that....

It does seem like a great project and I'm sure it will be of interest to those asking about volunteer work in Central/South America, and there are quite a few people asking!



4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

On the other hand, in this thread which was also flagged as promotional, I've removed the flag as your post relates specifically to the question asked. It still is a fine line as someone that only posts in threads where he/she can plug/promote their own business is soon going to find that that doesn't work either, but in your case, I have read through a lot of your posts and they are generally extremely relevant and helpful!

Hope that clears up the spam flagging, and what the moderators/admins do with it. If you ever post something and it gets flagged inappropriately in your opinion, please feel free to drop me a message on it...