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1. Posted by yazmaci (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm working on turkish tourism and I'm looking for some quick questions for a few questions in my mind. I thought some of you may have visited Turkey and could help me out.

So my questions are:
Why did you visit Turkey? (your motivation)
What did/didn't you like?
What do you feel/think is different in Turkey?/What makes it special?

For the ones who have not been in Turkey yet, 'why not?',

Thanks a lot, Lidya

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1. 'Cause it's quite cheap in comparison with the other countries, easy to reach from Ukraine. Turkey has a wonderful nature, many places worth to see, lot of entertainment which is not so expensive - I don't know the other place in that region where you can have a whole day boat trip for 10-15$. Turkey is also very nice place for the people who just like to have a rest in the hotel - very good service for relatively low budget.
2. I like Turkey very much and I'll be returning there many times.
The only thing which I don't like is the specific attitude to the people from the former soviet countries. People are so different and i don't feel myself comfortable when I'm generalized with all those drunk and lazy turists.
3. Its nature first of all. Even from the plane - it's just an Eden! All those forests, mountains and lakes make the country very special.
The history is very impressive. Such places as Pamukkale and Capadocchia are must see as well as i think the other which i haven't seen yet.
Oh! I've forgotten about the Bar street in Marmaris - I've never had more fun than there...

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hi there,
I visited turkey many times, Istanbul mainly, because of my work as a flight attendant. we often had 2 or 3 days to spend there.
Also on holiday, I went to visit Antalya.
I liked the people very much, very friendly and open. The downside, as soon as shop owners/ people who try to sell stuff find out you're dutch they tend to get "pushy". But then again, as it finally get's to them that not all dutch are alike, they get friendly again. The general idea I have of turkish people is that they are absolutely very outgoing and helpfull. So The people make turkey very special to me. Also the culture and history are very interesting, and is being preserved, and shown in a very open manner. Almost anywhere you go there's something to go and see, and people go out of their way to show you all of their culture. Even in Istanbul
Also I never felt unsafe in Istanbul, (ofcourse I avoided the bad parts of town at night.)which is in such a big city nowadays a very reasuring fact! Well I hope my vision is usefull to you.
good luck.

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I spent about 10 weeks in Turkey in 1995 mainly in the Cappadocia region. I was shooting a film. I had an extremely positive experience there. The Turkish people in general are extremely friendly, and I always felt safe. On a negative note 2 women I travelled with had a terrible time, especially when they set out on there own.

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My impression about Turkey...

I met the friendliest people ever, especially in smaller villages. They alway invite you for a ├žay without expecting anything in return. I went one day biking for example, and upon my return my daypack was full of peaches and prunes people offered me. They didn't want any money for it.
People in touristy areas like Capadocia are a bit less friendly as in the smaller villages, but this is normal. They just want to make money as tourism is their business.
Anayway, I was very impressed about the friendliness of Turkish people. In Belgium most people have a negative image about Turkish people because of the Turkish immigrants living here. Now that I've been there I know this image is completely the opposite of how these people really are...
I've never been in Istanbul, but I'm going there next week as I fell in love with a Turkish girl on my last holiday there :)