How do I get from Krakow to Prague?

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I'm looking at traveling between Krakow - Prague in January 06. It seems that flying is the main option I have, this will take upto 5 hours as this must be done via Warsaw and is quite expensive.

As it looks to be around 300km between the two cities, can anyone give me tips on hiring a car and driving it? If so, any ideas on how long it will take?

It seems that taking a train will set me back around 8 hours does this sound correct? I'm lead to believe that I'd be better off getting a day train ticket once I arrive in Krakow if I choose this option.

Your help is appreciated!

2. Posted by ukmassage (Inactive 1052 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

buses are always the cheapest option - otherwise overnight sleeper train (and save yourself on hotel accommodation)

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Getting a train is the easiest way as far as I'm concerned, I'm not sure if it's as long as 8 hours to get to Prague, but it might be as Polish trains move a lot slower than trains in the majority of Western Europe (except the UK of course!). I wouldn't recommend getting a bus because a train is far more comfortable, probably takes a lot less time to get there and isn't significantly more expensive. If you did want to get a bus however, then in Krakow station (in the old hotel off platform one where the ticket office is) there is an area selling bus tickets as well as train tickets - if you don't know any Polish, then any sign with PKP on it is selling rail tickets and PKS is bus tickets/information.

A word of warning however, if you're planning on buying your ticket there then you'll find that virtually nobody selling the tickets in the station will speak English because in Poland you have the situation where most people over about 25 don't speak English but under that virtually everyone does. Anyway, it can be a lot of hassle trying to explain exactly what you want to the ticket staff (even at the international journey desk) and also knowing which desk to go to (the international desk is on your right as you go into the PKP area I believe. Take a pen and paper and write your destination down (also remember that some place names have different spellings from the English, for example Vienna is Wien). Anyway hope that helps!

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I recently took a train from Dresden to Prague (Praha) and that took only about 2 hours. I understand that it does take about 8 hours by train from Krakow, but they do have a very cheap sleeper train that leaves at 11:00 PM arriving the next morning at 7:00 AM, so you could combine travel and sleep and wake up ready to go the next morning. Go to our world for sleeping options and prices (as of October 2004)


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The cheapest way is always the bus. As far as I remember it takes about 5 hours. But I've travelled by the direct bus from Ukraine to Prague and it passed over Krakow deep at night so I don't know the schedule from Krakow.

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If you want to fly then there are other options.

For instance you could take a flight with Easy jet from



and from there to


Ok it's seems like a big detour but it could be a lot cheaper.


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Check (website is not working at the moment; maybe bankrupt?)


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