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I am Belgian citizen living in France for a very long time. I am planning to go and spend a year or so in Cuba. I'd like to know if someone knows if there is a possibility to find an appartment at a decent price for such a period in Habana for a European citizen ? Also... as I am a writer, I need to have access to Internet and a mailbox, as I have to stay in touch with my publisher (+ friends and family, of course)... I heard that there are some restrictions in Cuba on Internet. Is that rue ? In what measure ?
Thank you for your answer,



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Hi Paul

I cannot help you directly, but I suggest you visit a chat-site like www.elchat.com and try a Cuba-room. I´m pretty sure there will be locals to help you!



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Hi Paul,
My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Cuba in April this year.
I intended to book an apartment for 3-4 nights and came across
an advertised apartment in central Havana.
Contact Eva Martínez at hola@habanasol.com
We finally decided to stay in a hotel, but here is the info she sent me -

The rooms in the apartment at Old Havana have air conditioning and
excellent bathroom with cold and hot water. The apartment has a
kitchen completely furnished you can use, living room, dining room and balcony.
The apartment has telephone and TV.
Near the apartment you will find the Capitol, Parque Central
(Central Park), many hotels, restaurants, theatre and cinemas. The apartment is at 10 minutes walk from “Plaza de la Catedral” and “Plaza de Armas”, the centre of Old Havana and most beautiful area of this municipality.
The price of a bedroom is 25 CUC per night. The bedroom has a twin
Breakfast would cost you from 2 to 5 CUC per person according the
Address of the apartments: Industria # 270 entre Neptuno y Virtudes
apartamento 1002, piso 10.

Piso 10 means the 10th floor, I believe.

I found that I had to go to upmarket hotels to use the Internet. The Net runs like a 3-legged dog in Cuba, and the charge was about $8 USD per hour or even more. Very expensive.
Just your typical communist country. They love the Yankee dollar!!!

25 CUC's is about $25 USD but I'm sure a long-term rental would be cheaper. Getting a visa for that period of time may be a problem.



P.S. The food is pretty awful and there is bugger all in the shops in Cuba.
Must be a Worker's Paradise!!!!

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I have just returned from Cuba. I found no restrictions on using the internet in Cuba.

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I don't think numero1 read my post properly.
I didn't find any restriction using the Net. The problem was actually finding a PC that accessed the Net without dropping out every few minutes.
I tried the Hotel Inglaterra in Havana Centro one late afternoon about 4.30 p.m. Two people were already netting and one PC was free. I asked the receptionist if I could use the Net, and she told me that Net facilities only started at 8 p.m.
When I made her aware of the two guys already netting, she told me those were the rules.
For anyone who didn't have the pleasure of spending time in Soviet Russia circa 1984, Communist beuraucracies are ideologically stupid and they have rules which are total nonsense. Then again, you don't argue with commissars, so I tried another hotel close by.
The NET runs like a 3-legged dog in Cuba and they charge like wounded bulls.
If you want to Net in comfort, try the business centre at the Hotel Plaza.


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Hi Anthony

I found that the quality of internet service in Cuba varied greatly depending on where I would go. For example, I used an internet terminal in the Miramar Trade Centre at around 3:00pm in the afternoon and the service dropped out after 5 minutes. On the other hand when I was in Cienfuegos I used the internet at around 2:00pm in a communcations centre opposite the Unicorn Hotel (I think that was the name of the hotel) and I had very fast and uninterrupted access. Also, you are very correct when you say the price of internet usage in Cuba is very expensive. I found everything to be very expensive in Cuba. No thanks to the introduction of the CUC.