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I'm planning a backpacking trip to asia for up to a year but am having a dilemma over what camera kit to take. I'm hoping to do plenty of adventuring - trekking, diving and climbing whilst out there some of which may be for extended periods in remote regions but also visit and photograph many of the continent's major landmarks. A real mixture of landscapes, portrait and urban photography.

My digital kit is an Olympus E-1 and several lenses, batteries etc. but I also have my older film SLR Olympus OM-2, lenses etc - all very basic but requires film.

I'd dearly love to take the E-1 but there are several obvious drawbacks such as battery charging, picture storage (10MB raw files!!) and flashy attention grabbing gizmo theft potential. Would greatly appreciate advice on which kit would be more appropriate for this kind of trip.


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just get one Nikon coolpix and if possible an Nikon Roll camera. Nikon any model is best for travel photography and it mainly depends on how much you can spend....its just that simple...

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I have no experience with travelling in Asia, so I can't really advice between those two sets, but advice I have seen given several times, and which seems very useful to me, is to tape over the obvious brand names on the camera, to keep it in a backpack rather than an obvious camera-bag, and to change the strap (which undoubtedly says "Olympus" in big letters) to a generic one.

Depending on what parts of Asia you go to, picture storage shouldn't be too much of a problem - just go to any internet cafe and burn pictures on cd - x2. Send one cd home, keep one cd with you.
(Also: 10MB raw files? Seriously? My 6 megapixel Nikon D70 generates raw files which hardly ever exceed 5MB.)

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thanks for the helpful advice bibs but I already own(!) and am fairly proficient in using my current gear :) but i'm interested - what advantages would the kit you have suggested give me?

sander thanks, de-flashing the camera a little with tape etc.. interesting idea, it's certainly a bulky and noticeable piece of kit with the stark white olympus badging all over it

and yes, the raw files are a disappointing 10mb which for a 5mp sensor seems ridiculous! i hope whatever extra information is in there is worth it