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Oh sure! :P
I type in CupCake and 87 bazillion pages of food pop up......ricken fracken Google....

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While my thesis is not specilaizing in SEO, rather semantic systems,
I feel that PageRank is still being used quit a bit. Infact SEOChat.com highlights pagerank as an effective ranking measure. But there is much more involved. (Infact TPs Pagerank is a 6 out of 10 - which is pretty good)

However u prove a point that Blogs and forums and ad words have taken away the effectveness of Pagerank. A growing concern among those with decent rankings such as many of my clients!!!

But CSS allows content seperated from style and thus allows search engines to find content alot easier. CSS is used marginally in TP because the site still uses Tables and other formatting tags. Nothing wrong with that, but from a W3C CSS complaincy - its antiquated. More CSS and higher pagerank means better placement. Keywords threaded into TP pages also helps. But not so much with your own Name.

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Tables for layout (and then only for the containing frame) is actually about the only thing we do wrong as far as modern webdesign is concerned, and that's just because of legacy code. If you look at the newer sections of the website, such as the blogs or the photography section, you'll see that we use fully semantically meaningful XHTML (albeit the currently used mimetype means it's HTML as far as the parsing in the browser is concerned), with surprisingly few validation errors for a site of this size (and we're always working toward removing even those last few problems), with all styling done through css.

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dwarves of middle earth

mim is a he apparently

Thanks Wikipedia for bringing a new dimension to my life...

and google, I am the "Maoist International Movement" *ahem*