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I'm looking at spending 3-4 weeks in Burma next March and would appreciate any info.


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You need a Visa from a Myanmar Embassey for getting into Burma "before you travel" and it starts from the day of issue.
You can overstay!!! and pay 3$ per day for any days stayed longer than Visa expirey date(make sure you know which jail your in!!!).
Their are no ATMs so bring plenty of USA $dollars and travellers cheques and you buy money coupons,(FEC) at border or banks in Yangoon.
You can go up the Yangoon River from Yangoon to Mandalay by fast ferry or fly.
Its a very tradational place and very interesting for a week or two but when I was their a few years ago it seemed a bit of a lonely place as not many travellers about although the people where very friendly.
Check out links,destinations,accomodation at top of this page and have Lonely Planet guide book South East Asia for lots of good info when you are their as not many secure e-mails websites.
Next time I go I will go down the beach for a few days as it might be a bit more relaxed down the coast.
Have a great trip and enjoy the good dancing nightclubs in Yangoon.
al de bes

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Myanmar is a great place.

In Yangon, Shwedagon, aung thukha restaurant and scott market are musts.

Email is difficult and slow (only from your hotel=expensive compared to 1bt thailand)

Myanmar beer is possibly my favourate of all time (better than beer lao - no joke).

Try to get to Inle lake - its great, n split the time between the village of nangshwe(really wrong spelling), and staying out on the lake itself.

Pwyn-u-Lwyn (just n of Mandalay) is great too. Its a british hill station simalar to those in india. It has a great botanical gardens and you can ride around in little horse drawn carrages. And its cold too, which was a welcome break.

The only nice thing about Mandalay is the name(just my opinion).
I got fleeced taking the train from Mandalay to Bagan.
I paid for a 1st class ticket (ha), but when I went to board later that night my booking didnt exist (the guy-in the booking office did a runner). They put me on anyway, but it was a stinky dangerous hell ride-4th class I would rate it at.

I agree with the other post, that the beach is worth exploring, and yet I didnt go. Ngapali beach is said to have the most 'scene'. Mrauk U looks good but a major hastle to get to.

Buy a longyi. Wear the Tanaka.