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i have no comprehension of how long it takes on a bus/train to travel anywhere in south america!

can anyone give me some rough timeings so as im not totally oblivious and can plan my trip better?

Anywhere to anywhere, i need all info you have plz!
i.e. Rio to Beuenous Aires
Buenous Aires to Santiago
Santiago to La Paz
La Paz to Lima.....and lots more!
Are these all possible by bus/train? if you can tell me rough costs this would be great too,

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Check out "Getting around South America" thread directly above yours.
Bus's for your countries of travel are top of the range and have sleepers if you want or just jump on off when you want,I usally jumped on 0800 and jumped off 1200.
Great roads also for your counties of travel.
Its easy to plan when you have a guide book like Lonely Planet South America as it has all the bus stations and times bus's leave and how long it takes etc etc.
Or else check links,destinations,accomodation at top of this page.
Have a great trip and enjoy your travels.
al de bes

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Yes they are all possible. As noted, there are many sleeper buses, which are a good option.

Most of the places you mentioned are pretty far apart (20 - 30 hours or more by bus - for sure B.A.->Santiago and Santiago -> Lima). It would be best to pick some points in between and spend some time resting before spending a long time on a bus. I did the 30 hour ride from Arica (Northern Chile) to Santiago, and it was long.

Buses are not expensive. Specific prices would depend, but I found tickets were easy to get at the bus station and you don't have to worry about getting scammed (at least in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, where I was). Go and buy your tickets the day before to ensure a seat and to get all the details on your journey.

Enjoy South America!

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think days not hours.
rio to aries 50 give or take.
santiago to la paz?? thats just plain silly.
plan on a general of 18 hours a ride. at say 90km an hour.
but the place is a continent remember that; people treat it like a country!!
but its fantastic

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Hi Nat:)

Do Buenos Aires to Santiago via Mendoza in a coach and spend a few days in Mendoza on the way. Fly from Buenos Aires to Rio.