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1. Posted by kellyb78 (Budding Member 58 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,
Has anyone here had a tattoo removed? When I was 17 I got a tattoo (Don't get me wrong I like tattoo's just not this particular one) Anyway i have been getting it removed for the last 18 months and although the tattoo is practically gone now it has left 2 little raised scars about the size of small finger nails. Has anyone else experienced this with tattoo removal and if so what can be done about it. Has anyone got any solutions or tips in getting rid of raised scars? As if I knew this was going to happen I would have stuck to the tattoo!
Any help would be great!


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Hi Kelly,

Try this stuff, it really does work

So what was the tattoo of


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We just met a tattoo artist from California while in Montreal. (There was a tattoo convention there over the weekend.) Another hotel guest asked this same question and the answer was two-fold:

1) Vitamin E oil - it will help reduce the scarring, especially if the scarring is recently done (ie: no more than about a year old).

If that fails:

2) dermabrasion - it will "sand" down the scarred tissue. It's the same procedure they use for reducing the scarring caused by acne.

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Thank you both for your replies,
I heard all of the good reports regarding Bio-oil and have been using it for about 2-3 months and so far I don't think that there has been much improvement. How long dors it usually take to start working? As for dermabrasion, how do I go about getting it done?Thank you both again for all of your help!


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Dermabrasion requires a visit to a dermatologist. They will examine the scarred area and tell you if you are a good candidate or not. There may also be a chelating agent that will help reduce the raised scarring. But again, a dermatologist will be able to help decide that issue.

A chelating agent is a chemical compound that will break down scar tissue but it is not something that is available over the counter. Cosmetic products that contain chelating agents, found in the drug store, are mainly designed to reduce the look of wrinkles caused by aging and to remove the top layer of dead skin cells so someone has that "youthful glowing" look. They will not help in this situation since the scarring is not just on the surface of your skin.

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I'm just curious, Kelly - how large was the tattoo? I ask because of the amount of time it has taken to remove it. I do know it is a long, drawn-out procedure to have one removed through laser treatments.

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The scar is only 2inches by 1 1/2 inches, I started to get it removed through laser treatment but after about 3 months my brother advised me about this lady who works in salons around the north east and what she does is open up the tattoo using an empty tattoo needle and then she goes over it again using an ink removel cream, I must admit that she is good as you physically see loads of ink coming out! The reason why I think that I have scarred is that I have young niece who I adore and on a couple of occasions she has ripped off (accidently as she is only 7 months) the scab that forms for approx a week after! Apparently when you get tattoo's lasered off they only spread the ink around the body and it stays inside you somewhere, but with the way i'm getting it removed, the ink is actually withdrawn from your system, So i'm lead to believe anyway! But even though I have scarred slightly if your not happy I would advise the removal as even though I have slightly scarred, I would rather have that than the tattoo I had (a rose!!!) I love tattoo's but just not this particular one! About this dermabrasion, do I jusy ask my doctor about it or do I have to do it privately? Thanks again for all advice!