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Hello to all you wise, wise travellers out there,
I wonder if any of you can give me a bit of help -
I'm going on a 4 month trip in November visiting India, Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia/Malaysia, Australia and NZ and America.

I am at a complete loss as to which insurance policy to get! I'm not going to be doing loads of trekking or anything and probably not going to do any extreme sports. To be honest I'm more worried about getting the most comprehensive policy with the best cover for illness, loss of luggage etc. than I am about the price. As I've never been on this kind of trip before I'm not really sure what I should be looking out for in particular or any obvious pitfalls that i should avoid; i imagine it's quite possible to feel screwed over by your insurance company if something unexpected happens and I basically want to decrease the chance of this as much as possible! Can anyone give me some advice??

If you think you had a good insurance policy I'd be REALLY grateful to hear which company you chose to go with, and just any advice on what to keep an eye out for would be great!

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The best travel insurance for you is check out "Travel Insurance" at left of this page(www.insureandgo.com),go to "Travel" and take either the single trip or backpackers whichever is best or cheapest for you.
Have a great trip.
al de bes

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Pete's taken out the World Nomads one a few times. It's the one compared here. There's actually a few threads about travel insurance and the ones different members and users have taken out. You can do a search to get a better idea of this!

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I went with World Nomads and haven`t heard anything bad about them, although haven`t had to claim personally.

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Thanks very much for your replies guys.

I've looked at World Nomads and it is marginally cheaper than STA travel's version.

I was wondering, perhaps I should have asked if anyone actually had to claim on their insurance? Any problems?

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I got mine from Insurance Direct - with their backpacker plus policy. My trip looks identical to yours, and went on for about 4 months and the cost came to about £170 including excess waiver.

If you've already booked your ticket, it's worth getting insurance as soon as possible, as you'll then be able to get a refund if you have to cancel the trip for any reason - illness, death in the family, jury service etc etc!

Hope that helps :-)

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