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1. Posted by randomette (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hiya all

I'm planning on going from turkey to egypyt for a nile cruise in April 2006. Any one done this overland or got ideas of most exciting way to do this? Only have about 2.5 weeks all up.

2. Posted by ghassan (Inactive 4 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

It seems to be it would be a nice trip for two great countries.

3. Posted by rolla (Full Member 32 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

2 and 1/2 weeks cruise included???? that means u can't really stop by longer than 1 night in each place on the way. and u must go fast and travel for many kms every day!!!!
anyway i think it's a great journey and as far as my experience goes, i can suggest a few places:

- syria is sooo beautiful, i haven't been there but when i was in the middle east all travellers where so enthusiastic about it, so don't miss it.

- jordan: i loved it, i loved the people and the scenery. petra is A MUST, wadi rum as well, but i didn't go with the official tours that are now monopolizing the area: very expensive, and the bedouin camps are tourist traps. u CAN'T miss the dead sea. i also heard the north is great (couldn't go, my travelmate was sick in wadi musa): better done by taxi, they say, 'coz distances are huge and castles are lost in the desert.

- egypt: i only visited cairo and sinai, so i don't know anything about the cruises, but sinai's really worth a visit, especially the coast north of nuweiba and the rocky deserts.
cairo is amazing, make sure u visit the egyptian museum and the old islamic part of the city.

- israel & territories: they're beautiful lands, and the "spiritual" experience there is one of the strongest u can get. i am not religious at all, but for a westerner everything is so culturally intense and full of meaning over there, and jerusalem defenately must be on ur list of sights. really striking.

- haven't been to lebanon but i guess it's very interesting and cool. sorry! i only know beirut's very modern, but the rest of the country really traditional. and the food is the best of the region.

the bedouin culture, spread all over the region, is very very interesting, and i recommend to spend one night with them, but try not to go in big camps. try to find a guide who knows them and knows secluded camps.

i travelled by public bus, hitch-hiking (in jordan's pretty common) and taxi. the latter turned out to be the least convenient if u compare what u get and what u pay. many times i thought that buses where as comfy as the taxi (if not more) and a lot cheaper.

good luck, u chose to visit a marvellous part of the world.

4. Posted by isisshuru (Full Member 57 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

  1. 1-are going from turkey to egypt? or are you trying to tour turkey and egypt?

rolla has the idea with going over land, but it would be a whirlwind tour...what are your high points that you must see?

to be forewarned, when travelling from turkey to egypt by air, it can only be done by flying out of istanbul. so if you plan on going to cappadocia, or down the med-coast, you'll have to fly back to istanbul and then to cairo (in the middle of the night, btw).

i've heard great things about travelling through syria and jordan, but your time constraints make it really need to figure out exactly what you want to see, and how bad you want to see it...

5. Posted by stephy (Full Member 51 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


how long you u all think does the trip istanbul Kairo take?
25 days isnt i enough i fear....
is it a problem for a girl alone? stupid question? i went to bolivia and brazil alone, but muslim countries are different though...

6. Posted by sandnsea (Budding Member 22 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hi all
well i did this part of the world on motorbike trip 2 years ago ,i dont know where yu are willing to start your trip in turkey (cause its realy huge) and how you will travel??public trans.or by car ,or by motorbike ;-D ???
syria ppl are realy realy realy nice ,and its very cheap there ,you may need 2 days in aleppo,and in damascus you may need 3 days (dont forget to eat alot fo food there cause for me is the best food i ever taste
for jordan ,dont miss jeresh,amman(nothing so important there )and petra ,wadi rum ,is the spots you have to visit ,jordan is a bit expensive ,
egypt ,is egypt ,you must visit sinai,and specially dahab (cheap nice place to meet alot of travellers and to enjoy ,beach life and diving ,and the sun of course
sharm elshikh ,is too touristique and very expensive ,comparing to dahab (in dahab you can have a hotel ,3 good meals ,enjoy the beach ,the sun ,and at night you may go out and have a drink or 2 )all that for less than 25 u.s dollars
for saftey
i have to say i was touring on my motorbike ,and i went in many many places in the 3 countries ,its realy safe and nothing happend at all,(i was camping pitching my tent any where next to my motorbike ,and its realy safe )
in egpyt you will feel more security police ,and checkpoints ,but they are very friendly ,and they look very well after tourists ,
so i hope i add any good info for every one
if any one wants any more info or help
plz contact me
thanks all
travel and travel and travel ,life is nothing without travel

7. Posted by omw (Budding Member 8 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

nice thread!

i'm landing in Cairo in two days, and i'm really exited. was thinking of Sinai and Dahab, and then maybe Jordan and Syria. I'll bookmark this thread, seems like there are many good advices for places to go.


8. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5656 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I did half of that trip back in 2005.
From Turkey started in Aleppo, it's a very nice but hectic city. From Aleppo I took the train to Latakia, which is really really great. It's a dollar for the most amazing 4 hour trainride I ever had. From Latakia I arranged transport to Tripoli in Lebanon. Tripoli is not really great but a trip to the Cedar mountains near Bcharre is again beautiful!!!
Then on to Beirut and Sidon, and from there to Zahle, the Lebanon wine area for some tasting and cheap buying of wine.
Then on to Damascus for several days. From there I had a couple of days to Irbid and the ruins of Umm Qais, from where you have a great view on the Golan Heights and Lake Tiberias in Israel.
Back to Damascus and to Palmyra. Palmyra is a real hightlight, but try to go as early in the morning as possible, cheap hotels are just 5 minutes walking from the ruins and it's free to visit! The landscape is magnificent.
Then on to Deir ez Zor, which is much less touristy (although I found both countries not touristy in general) and did a day trip to the ruins of Duro Europos along the Eufrates river. You travel towards the borders of Iraq (still 30 km away) in a totally flat desert area.
From Deir took the train towards the Turkey border again and on to Diyarbakir.
I found Lebanon and Syria one of my favorite trips ever. The people are friendly, cities and landscapes are great and apart from Beirut it's cheap.
Syria is one of the safest countries I have travelled in, and I guess Lebanon is safe again apart from the south.
I guess you should not miss Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan and the Sinai desert and Cairo in Egypt. The pyramids are touristy but fantastic. There are ferries from Aqaba, Jordan to Dahab, Egypt.
Enjoy and cheers, Michael.

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