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1. Posted by IMonaghan (Respected Member 431 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I am planning on driving around the world and was just posting to see if I was the only person interested in this. I posted something similar to this about a year ago, but now I am wondering if maybe there is a website dedicated to roadtrips. I guess I am just trying to find like-minded people who I could bounce ideas off of, or who might be interested in doing the same thing.

Thanks all.

2. Posted by nieck (Full Member 24 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hi ian,

you might want to check www.indiaoverland.co.uk, those guys didn't do a RTW-trip, but a pretty amazing road-trip though.
i thought that one day i might do the same or similar stuff, but there are lots of difficulties in taking a car around the world. first obstacle is the "carnet de passage" (dunno bout the spelling, but its described on the page i linked). and i think the US does not participate in the carnet-de-passage-thing. so as for my information you won't be able to get one for your car, i may be wrong though.
i think a backpacking RTW-trip pays off more than one by car, because of less paperwork shxx that you don't want to do and you will get to know more of the countries by traveling on public transportation and/or thumb. plus in those countries that are not too easy to get around without a car (i.e. australia) there are agencies that will help you buy and insure a car in that country. some will also give you a buy-back-warranty with a fixed price. (i.e. you buy a used car in australia for USD2500 and drive it around the continent for 2 month they might give you USD1800 afterwards and tell you this before you even buy the car. - again i do not take any responsibility for wrong info, this is something that i have only read about so far).
also the shipping fees (ferry, etc) for the car will be tremendous. also think about the fact that gas will not be as cheap in other parts of the world as in the US. over here (germany) we pay about EUR1.05/liter (1 USgal = 3.8 liter) that would be about USD 4.50 per gallon ! thus our cars use much less gas than yours. but you will probably know lots of this stuff, since you have traveled a lot yourself, so i don't want to be a smartmouth.
nevertheless i'm still interested in your plan and would love to read some details... what kinda car you want to use and what kinda modifications you are planning.
for now that's all... i guess
greetz from hamburg, nils

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We were supposed to have left 2 months ago, but plans changed. Am still going to do it ASAP though.

Have plenty of ideas and in contact with several people doing similar things as well. Have a look at our website, and if you want to talk/ask q's/bounce ideas/possibly hook up at somepoint, drop me a msg


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Hi Ian

I am also planning an overland trip, though I only want to do Asia mainly. And a bit of Europe but mostly just passing through. I'll be looking at buying an old Defender jeep and having it modified. My dad is a Defender nut and will love the challenge (when I tell him) but if you go to http://www.frogsisland4x4.com/show_vehicle.php?prepid=2
you might get an idea of what I'll be trying to do. Hopefully this will cost me max 3000 euros. The main thing I'm worried about is the cost pf petrol/diesel on the road. I know nothing about this and don't even have my full licence yet. I'd be interested in knowing what other advice you get, i'm sure it'll help me out too. I'm a bit nervous but really want to do this!