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I've been doing research aplenty, and I seem to end up with more questions than answers. I'm sure I can have a great vacation in a number of places, but I feel like I'm just going around in circles.
Looking to spend about a week in the Caribbean or Mexico in mid-November. Can't make up my mind, so I keep procrastinating on booking anything.
Don't need crazy amounts of nightlife. But would like to have good diving and snorkeling....and those infamous beautiful beaches I hear so much about. Would also like some history/culture, and opportunities for hiking and seeing nature (wildlife beyond the pigeons and squirrels I see on my way to work everyday). :) I'd love to avoid renting a car.
Don't need luxury resorts, and I'm not interested in AIs. But I don't want to 'rough it' either. Traveling with a friend who'd like to practice their spanish, but not a necessity. Looking to spend no more than 1000-1300 US per person, including air. Cheap is good. Coming from the East Coast of the US.
Anyone have any brilliant ideas for me? Haven't been out of the U.S. before, if that influences your suggestion.

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Welcome to TP Awayigo, just mention the word "Martini" and wait for Isadora to turn up, she will be able to help you out with the Carribean especially the diving & snorkelling

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For your specific case where you've never been out the U.S. and want relatively inexpensive digs, practice some Spanish, diving/snorkling, hiking and some culture.... Cozumel!

On the inernet you can find decent dive packages at basic hotels right on the water. From Cozumel you can take the ferry to mainland Playa del Carmen for beautiful white sand beaches, and visit Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza or Acumel.

Depending on your origin from the East coast, airfare shouldn't be too steep.

Diving is Cozumel is world class, and many of the sites are fairly advanced. It's not really a great place for a novice diver, but if you've got your bouyancy down, you must do a cenote cavern dive on the mainland, you'll never forget it.

I always use Blue Angel as the dive operator and stay at the basic Caribe Blu hotel next door.


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