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On my way home from Australia, i am stopping in kuala lumpur and I have decided to take a stopover to explore the area. I stopped there on the way here and visited KL, melaka, cameron highlands and pangkor and i loved it. Now i have more time but i'm not sure where to go. I am very interested in visiting east malaysia (and climbing mt kinabalu) but other than that i'm not sure where to go (or even how long to stay there). thailand? vietnam? cambodia? laos?.

If somebody can help me out with an itinerary, that would be great. I'll have around a month from early january to early february, flying in and out of KL.


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Hi Eric,

How are things going on in Australia? I'll be heading to Melbourne and Tasmania early November. If you're there, perhaps we could have a meet up with Peter. And we could meet up in KL too! :)

As for your time in South-East Asia, Penang is one place you could go. Taman Negara (means National Park in Malay) is also great if you're into that, which I think you are since you mentioned about climbing Mount Kinabalu. Kuching in Sarawak is also a nice place to go too, according to some people I've met. I've been to both Kota Kinabalu and Kuching a number of times for the past two years on work trip. Unfortunately, time just didn't permit me to explore, so I can't comment much.

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Hello Eric.Wellcome to malaysia,beside your interest in Mt.Kinabalu there are few more places that you can go such as Tioman Island in the south of Johore and close to Singapore where you can do Scuba ,then in Pulau Redang ,Pulau Perhentian.(Pulau means island)in the east coast of West Malaysia .Few more places beside those islands .If you have more time then you can go to the Endau Rompin jungle tracking .Langkawi island in the northern part of the west coast is another place where you can enjoy,even fishing but you have to have good arrangement .If you happen to be in Mt.Kinabalu then you can come down to Sarawak the Land of the hornbill,a lot of new things for you here in Sarawak, one of them the Mulu cave one the biggest cave ,beside few more caves in this area.You can enjoy yourself here ,if you have time -contact me if i can assists you whichever i can do.Thanks

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Thanks for the quick replies. However, I would like to see some other countries too, not just malaysia (as much as i loved malaysia, i would like to see other places too :P). So would anybody have any advice of a good route to take? I was thinking of spending maybe 1 week to 10 days in east malaysia and then head somewhere else.

I've also recently been reading a bit on the phillipines and that sounds interesting, what are people's opinion's on that? It seems that it's not too polular for travellers but still seems very interesting.

Any help would be great

PS: Hien, I don't think i'll be in melbourne at that time. I'm heading to perth today and unless i don't like it there or can't find a job, i'll probably be there for a while. I will however head to melbourne on my way back to sydney (loved it so much that i have to return), so if you are still there (probably december) we can meet up. If not then in KL.

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Hi there. one of the thing u could do now is also checking out the flight rates at www.airasia.com/ they give really cheap rates if u buy it early. i got my one way all the way to china less than USD35. from october 20th onwards, there'll be flight direct from kuala lumpur to phnompenh and chiangmai. i've been to both these places and they're beautiful. chiangmai especially is awesome. go check it out, and u could get some info about the places on the website as well. hav fun!

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You asked for a better route. Why don,t you come to India. Its a great place for more than a stopover. You will definitely love it.

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