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Hey Guys, I'm planning my trip in June and July at the moment and I've got two places on my mind, Turkey or Morocco. Really hard to decide though. I've got about 3 weeks time and leaving from London. The more I research into these two countries the more I like both of them. But unfortunately they are so far apart (consider i've only got 3 weeks time) and it's just quite impossible to see both of them. However I do know that I'm a bit tired of the whole Europen cities and wanting to see more mid east dessert and local villages. Can any of you may have experiences with these two countries share some insight? If you were me, which country would you go??? cheers,

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I've not been to Morocco yet but I have been to Turkey twice and it is great fun. The people are very friendly. Traveling by train is easy and inexpensive. Cappadocia (? sp) is a beautiful area with Fairy Chimney cave like dwellings. I've stayed in one that was turned into a hotel. Also, Pammukale and Ephesius areas are worthwhile. Istambul is a beautiful city. Went to Konya and saw the Whirling Dervishes. The food is wonderful, especially the oven cooked pizzas called Lamicons. Forgive my spelling but you will get the idea hopefully!! Have a wonderful trip.

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I havent been to Morocco either but I cant get enough of Turkey it's a fantastic place.


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Morocco is really cool too but i would leave it for christmas, the greatest locations like marrakech are down south and in the summer it can be really exhausting.

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I am Turkish and Turkey and Morrocco are two very different countries.

They both offer different things, in Morrocco you get lots of hassling but in Turkey that does not happen.

Turkey is not hot as Morrocco.

Turkish people are Muslim but not Arabs, language is different as well.

I reccommend you to visit Fethiye and Oludeniz.

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I went to Morocco last year and it's an absolutely amazing place!!! Fes is without doubt the best city i've ever been to! The people are great and the medina is like stepping into another world! Although i haven't been to Turkey yet, it'll have to be something special to beat Morocco!

Happy Wandering wherever you end up!

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I would have to say Turkey.. I've been to both of these places and Turkey is far ahead of Morocco in every way.. It's so much fun being in Turkey,you can live like very rich people and be respected.. Stay in 5 star hotels for very cheap prices.. And people in Turkey are really nice towards tourists..They try to do everything they can to make you feel at home...Turkey is a fantastic place!!

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basically, its turkey for sea and sand , whilst morrocco is for towns and cities. morrocco is very arab with souks and hassle, but turkey is islamic with a very western slant. both countries are very friendly but there are recent reports of islamic militants flexing their muscles in morrocco .

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With just three weeks at this time of the year I would suggest you head for Istanbul in Turkey for about a week and from there explore the interior or the coastal areas, get advice from the local people to meet your ideas of what you want to do and see. There is a great variety of cultural experiences and very friendly people.
Morocco is starting to get really hot, however if you do go there you will enjoy the whole scene, sometimes the traders can get a bit too pushy and spoil the whole atmosphere.