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After careful deliberation and writing out budget after budget, my friend and I have decided to locate ourselve in Brighton instead of London, also because we prefer the water. I was wondering if anyone on this message board is from Brighton, and who could help familiarize me with the area. I'm just interested in population, job opportuniteis (especially outdoorsy, waterfront-type jobs) the level of transportation (we don't have a car) and how long it takes to get into London, and the cost of getting into London (for day and weekend trips). Any info would be appreciated. We're staying for 3-4 months.

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I lived in Brighton for just over two years, and it is one of the best places I have ever lived.

POPULATION - there is a little bit of everything. So whatever you asre looking for in terms of culture, age range, sexuality, lifestyle it is there!

JOB OPPORTUNITES - I was working in the health service at the time, so do not know much about work opportunities however there will be plenty of bar and/or waitressing type of jobs. With regard to actual waterfront, well Brighton has a stony beach but does have deckchair attendants and there are some waterspots . . you may though find that you need to work up or down the coast.

TRANSPORT - can walk virtually everywhere in Brighton but if you prefer there is a good bus service and there is also an excellent train service to London . .I think it took just over the hour but am sure someone else will be able to advise. Costs, sorry do not know, but try Railtrack on the internet since they would be able to give you current prices.

All in all, Brighton is small enough to get to know really well but has not of discreet communities so it never feels too small. Fantastic cafe culture, lots of resturants and night clubs . . .and you can always sit on the beach to read your sunday newspaper.

Explore the Sussex countryside whilst you are there, do a few walks on the downs, but most of all have fun. Brighton I think is fab.

becky R

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Hey, I'm in my final year at Sussex uni in Brighton right now - sadly expenses wise these days, especially rent, there isn't much difference to London as so many people have cottoned on to the fact that you can live in a beautiful place like this and commute into the hellish city! However there are lots of bargain stores and markets which can make a difference if you spend the time looking around.
Brighton is a bit of a crazy city because it's so diverse - there are lots of wealthy elderly people who promote it's cultural values, lots of commuters as i mentioned, two large universities (Sussex and Brighton & Hove) and a city college worth of students, a vast hippy community who give the place it's famous laid-back appeal but are sadly being bought out and shouted down by all the trendy londoners moving down here, obviously all the local born'n'bred population with obligatory disaffected youth (dodgy dress code and all) and sadly a huge number of homeless people, many of whom have drink/drug problems and dont get much help from a council wanting to promote the city for tourists!
Definitely the place if you like variety - there really is something for everyone music, event, pub and shop wise.
Transport - parking is impossible and extortionate and the traffic is consistently awful so cars are only useful if you need to get out of the city a lot. As BeckyR said, the buses are really good, loads of them although they are expensive - a single is £1.20 and a day saver (i.e. any more than 2 journeys) is £2.40! All adds up if you use it every day although there are weekly and monthly passes if you want to save a few pennies.
i go to London at least once a week - in theory the express train goes twice an hour to London Victoria and only takes 49minutes. This is truly fantastic when it works but as the state of our rail network in the uk is less efficient or reliable than anywhere else i'v ever been it's best to allow a bit of time either end for the unavoidable delays, cancellations and general cock-ups that plague south central. Prices depend on time of day, pre9.30am is obviously commuter-time so a bit more but after the rush hour a day return which includes tube travel in london is about £20. I dont know how old you are or how often you'd need it but if youre under 26 it's worth investing in a young persons railcard as you get a third off all rail fares so when i go up it's only £13.50.
If youre not coming back the same day they issue 5 day returns which you can come back on any time within the 5days and theyre about £5 more i think though as BeckyR mentioned you can check it all on the website.
Jobs kind of depend on time of year - the beginning of student years and start of holidays are the best times for most jobs though of course there are loads of agencies who could help you out with specific things all year round.
Bit of a marathon reply but hope that helps - if you want to know anything else just message me and i'll get back to you asap. Im here till July before i graduate (i hope anyway - doesnt feel that likely at the mo!) and visit my baby sister in Chile!--Who leaves tomorrow by the way - aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Tearful airport goodbye coming up!

Take care, lex. xx

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Any latest updates about Brighton?


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Hi - I'm away travelling at the mo, but have lived in Brighton for 6 of the past 7 years, so feel free to message me too if you have any specific q's.

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While there are more jobs in summer, there are also a lot more people in Brighton over summer. Your best bet is to join an agency as soon as you can, especially if you have experience in work other than hospo. American Express, Lloyds TSB (bank) and Legal&General (insurance) are some of the biggest employers here.

Kelly Services will send you a cheque and you can take it to their bank and cash it so if you don't have a bank account it means you can still get paid!

Otherwise, Brighton is a seriously cool place to live. Kemptown is the groovy part of town, Hove is more 'grown-up' but I love it. I've been here nearly a year (from NZ) and haven't regretted not going to London once! You can go to London so easily - the train, obviously, but also megabus is super cheap and only 2 hours if you have the time.

Good luck!