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Just a little note to everyone ... American Airlines is taking advantage of custormers flying into Markets where Hurricane Victims have evacuated.

The hotel where I had reservations called me to say that they could not guarentee my room reservation because they were housing evacuees from LA, TX and MS.

Then every other hotel that I called said that they had evacuees which are staying there on an open ended reservation. This means that as long as they have a means to pay, they can stay.

The problem is that they cannot promise you a room when you arrive.

I called American Airlines to change the reservation and their position is that the hotel problem is YOURS and not American Airlines as stated by their Customer Service Supervisor. She further went on to say that they WILL be charging a service fee for the change in reservations.

I asked if they had any policy with regard to the extraordinary circumstances, her statement is that hotels are your problem and American Airline's problem is just getting you there safely. That if you cannot find a hotel, that is not their fault and they are charging. She did not care why they were full or who was staying there.

Here is the deal .... everyone recognizes that Dallas, Huston, San Anotio, Austin, Baton Rouge etc are housing enormous amount of refugees from the storms. In fact, the federal government is sending the states that house them additional monies for schooling etc.

It only seems reasonable that the airline, in the interest of good customer service would recognize this too and not charge the change fee. I MUST go to the client's site ... it is a matter of when I will be accomodated.

Be warned that American is taking advantage of the situation to bilk you of a change fee and hiding behind their rules.

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American Airlines really DOES have nothing to do with your hotel reservations, that is why they are called American Airlines and not Airlines AND Hotels. You should be lucky to be able to afford to fly at this time and a job to pay for it and a home to go home to. Deal with it! and try to have some consideration for the people who are in real need of place to stay.

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Oh, and they charged service fees before the hurricanes as well so that is nothing new.