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First of all I am new here, my name is Evan-wanted to say hi! Second I had a couple questions. I went to Paris on a tour last March Break (it was awesome) but I would really like to have the freedom of going back on my own. We took the metro quite a bit, but if I went back right now I would have no clue how it works and how to get from one place to another. Is there an easy way to figure it out? ( i know about the carte orange and stuff, it is more the technical stuff that gets me- too right brained i guess).

Also I am going to be going away to school next year and will be taking languages. I have taken French all through highschool but nothing is available for me this year. Does anyone know of any good, but not too pricey french courses I could take? At home or abroad.

Thanks a lot!!!
Oh and if anyone has info to share about Pamplona, Spain please write back!!

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Hi Evan!

The Paris Metro can be pretty intimidating at first, but it's quite simple to use. Their Web site even has an interactive map that helps you plan out your trajet - or route.

All you need to do is find your starting point and your destination. Note the colour of the lines each are on, and where they converge (you may need to switch more than once, though). Now, you need to first get to that converging point. To do that, follow your line right to the end in the direction you need to go. See the name of the very last station? That's the direction you need to follow. It will be written in the station and on the platform. Take that line to the converging station, get off, and do the same with the next line until you get to your destination.

It sounds compliated, but it's quite simple once you get the hang of it. A TPer here named GregW is an expert - you may want to check with him too!

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Thanks a lot that really helps... I've been looking at that map and its making a bit more sense! Just out of curiousity...the map shows the airport (CDG) with arrows... any idea how far that is from the nearest line? Anyways I'm getting too into this, I don't even know if and when I'm going back! Thanks again

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From the airport you take the RER. It costs 8 Euros to downtown Paris, and takes 45 minutes to an hour. You can access the RER line from either terminal 1 or terminal 2, you can walk to the station or take a bus from the terminal.

More advice on the Metro: Getting around Paris.