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1. Posted by adamf (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

I'm thinking of coming to Sydney in November for 8 months or so as I'm graduating a year earlier than expected with a Bachelors in chemical engineering and have missed most recruitment in the UK. I'm looking to get some office-based work experience with the working holiday visa in the mean time.

I have reasons to want to stay in Sydney for that time rather than travel around the country, though I might travel round for a bit in the period in the middle. I've been reading about the WHV on the goovernment site.

What do people make of section 7 of that page? Would that rule out my plans?

Also, is it possible to get a job sorted before arriving or do most places want you to be there already? I've heard there's not that much work around this time of year. Does Cambridge uni have a good enough reputation down there that it's likely to make job hunting easier?

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

You'd have to be more specific what you'd see as 'ruling out' your plans. Yes, the agreement only allows you to work for one employer for three months, but for example you could work for several employers through one employment agency for 8 months if you'd like. Either way, you would still be doing the same work, just for different companies. If you were planning to work for one company the whole time then this isn't possible (and there are no loopholes either...).

November would be an ok time to find work, just as long as it's early in November. The end of November you'd have a VERY tough time as it coincides with all the backpackers returning to Sydney for Christmas and New Years (decent hostels are all already pretty much sold out for that week for example) as well as Australian summer which means lots of Australians also looking for temp work (with no visa restrictions...).

Having pointed out the negative side, if you don't mind hunting a little bit you should be fine. The fact that you're willing to stay in Sydney for 8 months would be seen as a plus by any employment agency and they'd be more likely to find you employment than 90% of the travellers that skip town after 3/4 months. Cambridge is good; no probs with that at all.

ps. don't bother trying to find work before you leave. It's officially not allowed and you probably wouldn't succeed even if it was as temp work like this is generally not advertised much...

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Hi Adam,

If you mean registration and licensing under section 7 - don't worry. Registration and licensing don't apply to you as you aren't applying to migrate and you aren't in the categories requiring this.

As Sam says you are coming into the time of the year where people are generally not hiring due to impending summer holidays, and a flood of returning travellers. And contrary to popular opinion you can apply for a job before you arrive: Pre-placement is allowed on the assumption you will get or already have the appropriate visa - in your case a 417 Working Holiday visa. You won't get a pre-placed admin job though.

Maybe apply to Chemical companies; you could get an entry-level short-term admin placement. Wouldn't hurt to try. If you get in the loop with a recruitment company and are good at what you do then second placements are generally easier. Let me know if you need any contacts.


4. Posted by adamf (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies. Perhaps I'm being too fastidious about section 7. There were just a few sentences that made me wonder.

" The main purpose of your visit should be to holiday and travel. Any work should be incidental to supplement funds; periods of work should be broken up by periods of holiday and travel."

" In practical terms, this means that you cannot work for longer than 3 months in the same position, in the same location, doing the same work."

I guess it's the 3 months working for the same employer that's the main thing. I certainly have no plans to move permanently to Australia, and I'll be spending most of what I earn in Australia. On that, do you think it would be possible to turn in a profit? Say if I rented shared accommodation and stayed in the same place and didn't party too much?

I'd definitely be interested in chemical companies as it would be more useful from an experience point of view. Will have a look around.

Good to know about timings. Could possibly come late October if I got my skates on.