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I am going to be travelling through these regions this December, only spending about a month overall. I was wondering if anyone knows of any guide book that covers primarily these regions in fairly good depth, or if i should buy seperate books for each country? The obvious choice is Lonely Planet 'South East Asia' but it's a huge book and also has lots of information on other places I'm not really going to be anywhere near, plus it may be a little sparser on the places I am going to. Any suggestions? I feel like I will need this kind of resource, but I don't want to be lugging around dozens of books if i can possibly avoid it (I am going to India beforehand, which i will definitely need a guidebook for, and then onto Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America afterwards)]

Any suggestions greatly appreciated,



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get the book now, study, make notes and sell it when leaving the region.

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We are travellers with a rough idea where we are going but just say you meet someone or make a spontanous change and cross into Laos or Burma for a day or Singapore then you have your Lonely Planet South East Asia for reference,its not that thick and as we are travellers we use it as a "basic guide",it does not rule our lives.
You will have a LP India on your India travels so if you are flying into Bangkok you can go down the Kho San Rd and sell it and buy a second hand LP South East Asia.
Their are cheap bookshops selling second hand LP South East Asia and other guide books in Kho San Rd;Bangkok and Saigon and all major towns in SE Asia so before you go to Aussie just buy LP Australia in one of those and sell your and LP SE Asia.
At each country before you go to the next one whatever major town you will be in will have either 2nd hand or a new bookstore for you to buy for your next country.
If you want to keep your books for souvenirs just post them home.
Lonely Planet might even tell you their towns stocking their LP!! OR check links,tools at top of this page.
Have a great travel and wishing you lots of enjoyment.
al de bes

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I have just started what sounds like a similar trip (without India) and I opted for the SE asia lonely planet and you can get one that has New Zealand and Australia combined. That way i only have 2 books and i can think about the US nearer the time! I'm doing Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Thailand (flying back to Bangkok) - Malaysia - Singapore then Australia so if you want any more info let me know! I am in Cambodia just now!


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Just a little TIP;You will be wearing cargopocket long pants,yes!!!!OK!!!.
If you know which town/city you will next be visiting NEXT.
BEFORE you jump on a bus just photostat the details from your LP guide book before you go AS EVERY TOWN in the world has a photostat shop.
Have the page/s in your cargo pant lower pocket be they shorts or long pants as it very easy to study and STICK BACK in your cargopocket without having your LP book out,fall asleep and leave it on the bus!!.
Also the same when out sightseeing or cafe/pub crawling at night,just have a photostat marked up map page and your hostel/hotel card in your cargo pocket for getting back without carrying your LP book about.
Have a great trip and enjoy the world.
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