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I'll be travelling to Europe starting on the 15th of Oct. My BF has a conference in Leipzig. We made our travel plans kind of late and may wind up staying at the Globana in Leipzig. We stayed there 2 years ago and I HATED IT!. It seems that all the good hotels in Leipzig were filled up last time as they are again this year.

What I wanted to know was if anyone knew how far is it from Berlin to Leipzig (I'd rather stay in Berlin) and if you knew of any good 4 or 5 star hotels in Berlin?

Otherwise, if we're stuck in Leipzig (sorry, but I thought it was a depressing, dreary, gloomy place)do you know of any good hotels in Leipzig that aren't already filled to capacity.

If we do end up staying in Leipzig, does anyone know of any fun things to do there? I'll be on my own while he's at his conference so I'd like to find some entertaining things to do while I'm on my own. I did some shopping there last time but shopping get's a little old. Any good museums? Fun things to see?

How about Berlin? If I get my wish and we stay in Berlin, I know there must be a ton of interesting things to do in Berlin.

I'd really appreciate the help....and quick!



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I think I can help here.
The two cities are not that far away, and I've made the trip myself. If you travel with the more expensive but v comfortable ICE trains I think you can do the journey in an hour. If you go on the Regional Trains then you'll have to swap once or twice and it'll take 2 hours but the trip will be cheaper and you will see some beautiful countryside.

Leipzig has a lot to offer historically, but the mood there is a little low at the moment with the unemployment - though that is only one opinion. The Zoo is worth a look if you like that sort of thing. Voelkerschlachtsdenkmal (war memorial) is also worth a look, but I wouldn't recommend climbing all the way up there in rainy weather. Leipzig does have some decent shopping too.

I agree that you might have a better choice of things to do if you went to Berlin. Berlin is my absolute favourite place on earth. If you go to google and type in 'travel directory' (which not many people search for) you will get a good choice of low key sites where you can look for reasonably priced accommodation.

In terms of what to do in Berlin, make sure you visit the museum island, take a city boat ride if the weather is good enough, you must must must go up the TV tower, and the shopping on Kantstrasse and Ku'damm is to die for.

Hope I've helped.

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Thanks so much Becci. I really do hope we wind up staying in Berlin so that I can visit the places you mentioned. But being an American, I know my BF will not take a train but his rental car and navigate his way to Leipzig.

Fortunately price is not a problem when it comes to accomodations (his company is paying and they pay well)so staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel in Berlin would not be a problem.

Are there some luxury hotels near a plaza or perhaps some museums or other places that you mentioned in Berlin? I think I can talk him into Berlin if the drive to Leipzig isn't to long and we can find a place that is near different activities that I can do while he's off doing his conference in Leipzig. Problem is, we have to book it SOON. We're flying into Frankfurt the 15th of this month (which will probably be the 16th when we get there), stay at the Sheridan at the airport there to recover a little from the jetlag before we rent a car and drive to the next hotel which will be in either Leipzig or Berlin.

We stayed at the Globana last time we were in Leipzig two years ago and although clean, it was more like a motel then a hotel...not many amenities.

Maybe I'm being a little spoiled but this is a VACATION after all!

Know of any great hotels in Berlin near some of the attractions you mentioned?

Thanks so much!


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Hi there

What about looking on tripadvisor.com for reviews of nice hotels in central locations, or try a smaller site like listoftravellinks.co.uk or travigator.com? Type in the city you're looking for and bingo. I must confess my student loan doesn't extend to posh hotels but if you can afford it surely the Radisson near Alexanderplatz must be a good place to say.

Thinking of renting a car? I have a bit of background in the car industry. Best suppliers are probably alamo or budget - if you both want to drive budget sometimes do a package where the spouse drives for free. Try carhire3000.com or autoeurope for good rates - both companies will price match against each other as well so there is money to be saved.

Good luck ps if you pm I can give you the URL of my own website about Berlin. It is not finished but there is a good review on there already, and also you could perhaps write a review or enter a competition if you wanted to. Let me know!