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October 4th - 16:45

I crossed the Lion's Gate Bridge into North Vancouver. I headed east towards the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) station. I was to be there by 5:00 P.M. to get ready for the ride-along.

After the initial greetings I had a your of the department. We checked out dispatch, the cells, and the forensics lab.

In the lab they were just drying out a human skull that was recently found in the nearby mountains. It was still damp and dirty from being out in the elements for about the last nine years. The lower half of the skull was missing so it will be difficult to find the identity, but considering where and when it was found it matches a missing persons file from nine years back.

We also had a look at the methods of lifting finger prints off of a scene and different items. One machine "smokes" a chemical in a wind tunnel, this chemical attaches itself to the lipids that are left over when we touch something.

Ninety percent of the marks left are h2o, the rest are trace amounts of lipids and acids. If their are oils it is because the person touched something first, such as their face. There are no oil glands in the hands. So this chemical attaches to the lipids and upon itself, so after a few minutes the figure print is clearly seen.

October 4th - 18:30

At 6:30 P.M. we had the briefing, talking about people and vehicles to watch out for.

October 4th - 19:00

The shift started at 7:00 P.M. and was to end at 7:00 A.M. the next morning. We put our gear in the car and headed out into the streets. We started off by running a few plate checks at people we followed. And then we got a call for back-up from another unit.

October 4th - 20:00

We were to provide support for the first on scene. What had happened was the other unit saw the SUV drive erratically out from a parking lot and cut across two lanes of traffic. He pulled the SUV over and smelled marijauna in the car. For him to search the car he needed onther unit there to watch the suspect.

After the search he found two "joints" in the ash-tray, two small bags of marijuana in the glove compartment. As he searched the suspect became more agitated. In the back seat he found a larger back of marijuana, they were not sure but had a feeling it was over 30 grammes, an if so would be charged with trafficing. (later on, after weighing at the detachment it turned out to be 41g).

October 4th - 21:00

After the "SUV" guy was arrested we moved on. We decided to go to the nearby Provincial Park. It closes at 7:00 P.M. and is a known spot to find people being ass-hats.

We went into stealth-mode and cruised around the narrow roads of the park. After a brief search there was no action to be had.

October 4th - 22:00

It was nearing break time and we headed to Boston Pizza (BP's) to meet up with a couple other members. On the way there we stopped a few more cars and ran some more plates. Nothing major.

October 4th - 22:45

We finished up at BP's and headed back to the east end of town. In short order another call went out to respond to a commercial alarm that was going off. Three units showed up, though it turned out to be a false alarm. (Through out the night there were three false alarms across town.)

October 4th - 23:00

Back on patrol another call went out from a residence on the west side of town. A pizza-dude delivered a pizza to a house, the people had taken the pizza and then shut the door and didn't pay for it. A unit responded to the call and headed that way. A second unit came on the radio saying "I am close by, and will head there as well." Then a third unit came on "If it is extra-large let me know and I will come too."

So it was a funny one, which I thought was good to see some humour. Not all cold-fisted no smiles. There were laughs to be had.

October 4th - 23:50

We passed a 7-11 and were in a construction zone and noticed some punks moving the cones around. We lit them up with the lights and they put them back very fast.

The guy I was with got out and was havin' a chat and another unit showed up. They started asking each other so the "punks" could hear. "So what's the fine again for moving cones? $250?"... "No it went up to $325".

The punks had been drinking and smoking so in their unclear state of mind the sarcasm was lost to them. By that time another unit showed up just to see what was happening. Then the "punks" were saying they were in a band and lived not far, and were just getting some "munchies". The one guy (caucasian male) said he would show how good he is and they are going to go places. A unit asked what kind of music and they replyed "rap... hip-hop kinda".

The units said they really don't need to, they believe them, but insistance won. So the guy started rapping, and while he did, one of the unit's pushed the button on his radio so it was broadcast on all of the radio's. It was really funny and no one could keep a straight face.

October 5th - 00:30

For the next couple hours we pulled over a few more cars and ran plates, responded to a couple more false alarms.

October 4th - 3:00

As the morning came there was a call from an elderly women that she heard the door-bell ring and then someone trying to get in the house. We got there with three other cars and searched the area. During the search we did find one guy sleeping in a garage under-construction. He was sent on his way.

October 4th - 4:00

As morning comes things die down, I guess people are tired to being ass-hats by then. A couple of us went to Tim Hortons for a coffee and doughnut. Yeah yeah, I know.

October 4th - 5:00

Around 5:00 we headed back to the detachment and started packing things up. Put the car in the underground and get signed out.

Hot Stuff?

October 4th - 6:00

I headed on my way back over the Lion's Gate and through Vancouver towards the ferry terminal to go back to Victoria.

I have to say it was a great night, and a great experience.

  • *Warning, times and events may not be accurate, by the time I got home I had been up for 34 hours and couldn't even really see straight.**
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holy crap that was a real story? i thought you were up to no good as usual? wow, cool.
heh... asshats.. i love it.

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Whoa - you really did enjoy your ride-along, B!!!! I see you are picking up the lingo already! But, though I think I get the idea.. An asshat??? I have not heard this term before.

I'm also not sure this is the career for you... Doughnuts????????????? Before too long, you'll be eating real burgers and fries and things your tongue has not tasted in years. It could be more dangerous than the job itself!

Good thread!!!! And glad you enjoyed the adventure. Good luck with your decision too!! ;)

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Wow, B! All that in just one night!

Is there a reason the RCMP patrol Vancouver, though? I would have thought the local police would have done that kind of work, and left the more "elite" stuff to the mounties...?

And you look great in the squad car, BTW. I can see you crusing around, picking up chicks, stopping for doughnuts. Oh, and working a little too, of course. ;)

5. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Haha I didn't eat doughnuts or have a coffee, I just went in. So I think I am safe on that account. And an ass-hat is similar to a dumb-ass.

North Vancouver is it's own municiaplity, seperate from Vancouver. They don't have their own police force.

Some detectives from Vancouver were at the NorthVan briefing though, so they do help each other out.

haha and even what do you mean up to no good?