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... i'm nils from hamburg, germany.

i came across this website after reading the online-book "how to see the world..." (www.artoftravel.com). this is not any kind of commercial advertisement, since this book is totally for free. its very worth reading it and i'm happy that it's link-section took me to this place :)

i have read a lot of comments and profiles during the last few days and i must say i am impressed. great community.

i'm 20yo and always thought i have seen a lot of this planet for the time that i've been here so far. i used to travel a lot with my parents when i was younger and spent a year living in the US as an exchange student (2000/2001). after this i went on several smaller trips with my school, friends, etc. and now, since i started reading some travel-diaries and travel-logs i want to start exploring the world this way as well.

aight, if y'all need any info on northern germany (especially greater hamburg area) just drop me a line and i'll give you the best advise i can. i can also provide you with some info about other areas of germany, so just ask for whatever you need and i'll give you an honest answer whether or not i have knowledge about that ;)

that's all for now... greetings, nils

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Welcome to the site nils! Good to have you around :) I had a look at artoftravel to see if I could find the link, but had no luck :( Whereabouts is it on the site?


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actually it doesn't directly link to this site. it links to http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/2442/database.html which tells the reader to come see this site ;) this link is found in chapter 23 of the online book ("selected sites").

but i'm sure that the author is going to change the link if you tell him its kind of a dead link.

greetz, nils

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Hi there

Just to say a big thank you for bringing the book to my attention, really useful advice, very funny and easy to read . . .that book and this website combined are virtually all that you need before you actually set off!

have fun


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Hi Becky,

You're right...that's definitely a good site too and was actually suggested by bluewaav as a worthwhile addition to our links area. I will pop the owner an email and let him know and also see if he can update that link :)

Speaking of books, just got a request from Japan about adding this site to a book they are printing for learning the english language and useful online resources. It will be with a screenshot of the page and everything. There is also some other book about backpacking in Europe that wants to do something similar but haven't heard back from them yet.... it's funny how on- and offline meet sometimes and I have to say it's flattering to be added to printed press :)


ps. Nils, welcome to the site!!!!

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hi nils and everybody else,
this book is cool, funny and a really helpful ressource for travel planning - at least up to the point i read it.:)
thank you for the link,