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this realistically is more of a warning then a rant but....
the last time i was in new york i decided i trip down again to south america. i opted for the new american express travel card...its like an instant debit card-you give cash they give plastic.
now its a debit right????
firstly amex is not recognized in office in la paz for a.e. so they give you travel checks,so all good.
when i got to salta north argentina there was no money left and i had been told in la paz there was 600 bucks in the couple of days before.when i got to Aires american told me i owned them 300 dollars!!!

"can we please have an account number from another bank for this??"

he he said I
"wasit not a debit card?"
"then tough" i said
i regognize the fact i can no longer get an amex card but that system is plain silly.

anyone else have a similar problem

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I agree. American Express absolutly sucks on all points (except taking cash advances out at bank machines) when not in the US. Since I live in a resort town all the stores give a percentage discount on everything for people that live here. If I use my AMEX card then that discount is voided since the commish is so high. Most places in Europe dont even accept AMEX. I was living in Budapest during the summer and wanted to pay down my account. People were baffled at the banks to process such an eroneous request. Was sent to the new AMEX Hungarian headquarteres, which turned out to be a little window on a tourist street that looked like a money exchange place. Behind the glass were two teenaged girls. I told them I want to pay. SHe rolled her eyes like it was too hard for her to do or something, said I need to first buy travellers cheques, which they dont sell. I just gave up after that, figure it all out later. usually getting money is hard, not giving it...oh yeah, outside US, try not to deal with AMEX...all kinds of terrible.

3. Posted by igetlost (Full Member 89 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Speak brother,
let the rant continue...
let them bow to our wrath....and poossibly lower their commission rates and opt for better international relations while maintaining an enviroment suitable for a progressive business plan!!
oh that'll teach em.