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1. Posted by benethomas (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Guys,

I set off on my travels to India on the 1st of Feb 06 for 2 months but would quite like to take in Nepal for a week or two while i'm in Northern India. Firstly, has anyone done this and if so by what means of transport, and what kind of prices would i be looking at to get to Kathmandu.

When i get to Kathmandu i would really like to go to Everest base camp if i could! I've heard about a few people doing this, but they seem to have gone through tour operators and paid quite a lot of money.

Has anyone arrived in Kathmandu and then sorted it out from there?
If so, how much does it cost for travel from Kathmandu to the Everest region? or for a guide once you get there to take you up?

Any help with this matter would be most appreciated as its something I really want to do if i can.



2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3580 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

This is a second hand suggestion. A guy I know in Thailand went to Kathmandu to trek to Everest Base camp. Decided the fee was too steep(he is a 'cheap charlie') and trekked alone. What he did was to follow the group out that was heading to EBC and just tagged along. Walked at their pace and pitched his tent close to the group or stayed at a nearby hut. Just food for thought.

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Hi Guy,

Well, I to am going to india in the next few months and i suggest getting a train up there as its dirt cheap, when you get there, there are many locals who know how to get to the mount everest base camp. Just ask how much it would cost for them to take you and you'd be suprised how cheap it is . And if its still to expensive then they do offer other ways of payment! ( Its very lonely in the mountains!)

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I was in Kathmandu and EBC last month. I went from the China side though - shared a jeep (4 people) from Lhasa, Tibet and did 8 days overland. 5000 Yuan. I heard it's better to do it that way than from Kathmandu as it's too rapid an ascent (EBC is 5200m) and you can get really sick.
Afraid I can't help you on the prices from India. There's loads of places in Kathmandu where you can get info on going to EBC though, and if you search around you can get a good deal. Try to get a local driver though - roads are pretty hard to follow. That guy might have managed ok trekking on his own but I wouldn't recommend it. The altitude makes things a lot harder ( I had a cold and had real problems breathing when i was just sat still!)and if you did happen to get yourself lost or hurt it's rather spacious out there and gets v cold pretty quick!
Good luck!

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From Indian side there are 3 routes to cross over to Nepal.

From Delhi:
Delhi to Gorkhpur by train. Gorkhpur to Sanauli/Bhairawa ( border town),just 2 hours by bus.
From Kolkata:
Kolkata to Raxaul by train. Raxaul to Birganj by cycle rickshaws or three wheelers.
From Darjeeling to Kakarbhita and cross over to nepal.
This is the cheapest and though not easiest way to reach Nepal.
From all the border towns inside Nepal , you will get direct buses to Kathmandu and Pokhra.

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As I did the same trek in last year with one of the trekking company called South Asiaa Treks in Nepal and they handle our wonderful holidays to EBC. Which is for 15 days and charged us only 650 US dollar for whole package excluding airticket to Lukla. Or you can get only guide service on USD 15-20 per day (but I don't know the exact). Please write to for further information.

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Hi Ben, A close friend of mine went pratically all over Nepal by Bus which was a very cheap way of getting round but also very slow. He also took a plane from Kathmandu to Lukla which cost him around $100.

He was quoted prices of around $20,000 USD to $70,000 USD by qualified guides at the base to take him right to the top of Everest.