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Hi, I'm 19 and I'm wanting to go to NYC for Christmas break (Dec 17-20 are the dates I'm playing with) Anyhow, I wanted to know if anyone knew of any good hotels or hostels that are safe, student friendly and they have stayed at. I'm on a very tight budget so I'm looking for something pretty inexpensive. Also, if anyone knows of any good discount tickets for the theater, that would be great. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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You could try Bowery Whitehouse, I've never stayed there but it's right up the street from me. Are you coming alone or with someone? Where are you from?

The way to get discount theater tickets - there are a couple of places online, such as (you might need a login). But the easiest way if you just want to see a show but AREN'T picky about which show is to visit the tkts booth the day of the show. There is the crazy tkts booth in times sq. where all the tourists go but the line will be very long with less selection (especially the dates you want to come). There is a lesser-known second tkts booth, I can't remember the exact address but I can find it if you want it, with fewer people and therefore better selection. Basically you show up there the morning of (get there before they open), wait in line and can buy good seats for 50% off. You get whatever is available for that night, hence you can't be picky esp. in high tourist season. Probably more choice if you go on a weekday. But so many good bway shows to choose from. Bring cash - no ccs accepted. see RENT if possible, it's the best! (and based around xmas time).

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I just stayed at the Bowery Whitehouse Hotel in September and I liked it. You'll probably be able to find hostels that are cleaner but the nice thing about the Whitehouse is that you get a private room at dorm price. You don't get away from the noise of other travellers but you get privacy and a door to lock so you don't have to worry about any of your stuff. I actually have a picture of my room there in my photo gallery here on TP so you can have a look. The location is also good - the subway is only a couple of blocks away.

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I would have to agree with gloabalgirl about getting the tickets (when i went to NYC I went with my parents so they bought me the tickets and i didn't have to worry, although i did see the long line ups of people wating, so if you could get there early), and if can see RENT best show to this day that I have seen. The last time I was there was about two summers ago, and Chicago wasn't worth the walk to the theatre, but maybe they got a better cast, i dunno. Also if you are into stand up comedy it's every where, and for a reasonable price too. when I was there I beleive that place was name "Carolina's" sorry I can't remember, but it was near time square and I think only cost five or ten dollars to get into, and you had to by to drinks, or something, but I was lucky enough to see some great comedy and even Chris Rock on stage, I hope all goes well for you. And remember that there are also Off-broadway which are usually sheaper tickets, and some fantastic shows, a friend of mine actually saw the original cast of rent on off - broadway bofore it went to Broadway.
Godd Luck

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Just this August I stayed at the Jazz on the Town Hostel. It cost about $30 a night. It was very small, but safe; I didn't run into any problems.

As for tickets... I went to two shows and got tickets from the same "crazy" ticket booth in the middle of times square. You can't miss it. The line really wasn't bad for us either time, it took less than ten minutes. But i think it depends on what time of day you go; the line was longer at times.

You can also get RENT tickets free from their ticket booth. Just wait there before the show and put your name in the drawing. Although I didn't win, the odds were pretty good.

As for RENT... maybe I'm just crazy, but I really didn't like that show. But it seems EVERYONE else does. Haha, I really liked Sweet Charity though.

Oh, and if you're on a budget, definitally take the subway. We went from Manhattan to Brooklyn for only $2.

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Hey :)
I was in New York over the summer and stayed at Central Park West Hostel. Its on 103rd beside Central Park. Its clean, safe and run by really nice people. Its a stones throw from the subway which after a 10 min ride has you right in the heart of things.
I'd definitely recommend it. I also stayed at Hostelling International but it was filled with screaming teens (15/16yrs max) so wasn't too keen. Also stayed in Jazz on the Park - great communal area but rooms are not great.

I went to a broadway show - sweet charity and really enjoyed it! We got the tickets on Times Square from that stall across from Virgin Megastores!!!

New York is amazing, you're in for a real treat! Have Fun :)

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I stayed at a place called big apple hostel on 45st right next to Times Square. It was pretty expensive at $34 per night but you couldnt beat the location.

It seemed very safe to me and had a nice patio area at the back, ideal for meeting people.

you could also try this website:


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Regarding the half price stands, there is one on Times Square that is a landmark but thats the one where all the tourists go and you will be in line for hours. Go to the one near the South Street Seaport. Here is the link:
(Duffy Square is the one on Times Square by the way, dont go there)

I get my tickets at the one behind Water Street at the South Street Seaport and I am in line no more than 20 minutes.

Good luck!