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Travelling around the world of no easy feat. At any given time adventurers are traversing to and fro, across land and sea. The traveller is one who is in a constant search for the next place, the next adventure. They are never completely content with their surroundings but are at home where ever they may be sleeping.

This particular adventure spans ninety-seven and a half days, from the cold toiling currents of the Atlantic to the crisp air of the Rocky Mountains to the parching heat of urban concrete jungles.

Our heroes and heroines travel the globe brandishing their camera's and fanny-packs with the endless goal of getting as many stamps in their passports before it expires.

CAPTER ONE: A Beginning...

It was a dark and stormy night. Samsara was looking out of the small portal window in her cabin on the Rainbow Warrior II. She kept a bucket close at hand as she watched the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean...

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Meanwhile, in a dark alley on the mean streets of Toronto, detective Sgt. Zhang shakes his head as he watches the latest victim of the Guide Book Killer get wheeled away into an ambulance. That's the third this month, he thinks. The killer leaves no marks, no traces, no other clues except for a torn page out from Lonely Planet guide book. It had been page 367 from "Munich & Bavaria" tonight....

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...Zhang put the torn page into a small plastic sleeve and took off his latex gloves. He walked back to his unmarked CrownVic thinking of the the pieces of evidence they now had. From the other two connected homicides one page was from Russia & Belerus, and the other from Argentina.

There had to be a connection... but what was it? Zhang had the troubled feeling it was going to take more pages before he would find out.

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Quoting Brendan

It was a dark and stormy night. Samsara was looking out of the small portal window in her cabin on the Rainbow Warrior II. She kept a bucket close at hand as she watched the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean... in the knowledge that, should worse come to worse, she always had Paris.....

Wind-swept salt spray peppered Samsara's face as she tried to push the images of Rick and Ilse out of her mind. Damn it, she thought, I should really close the porthole. The wind-swept salt spray is ruining my first-edition travel guides.

As tiny salty droplets quivered down her forehead, Samsara became lost in reflection. Why am I out here doing this? What does it all mean? Am I ready to face what lies ahead? Where did I leave that Dramamine?

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Sgt. Zhang unfurls the salami in question... as the last piece unfurls, a tiny sardine falls to the ground. would the killer really come back to the scene of the crime to tape some deranged deli products on my car? He pauses for a moment, and with a sudden snap of his fingers he pulls out his cell phone, dials a number, and waits anxiously...

... the room has no furniture, just clothes and items littered everywhere with sprinkles of candy wrappers. the phone rings an obnoxious voice screaming randomly, and at the sound, evan pulls his head out of some pottery filled with topsoil, sending dirt flying into the air. he picks up the phone, "quan, this is not a good time...what? no i did not tape salami with a sardine in it to your car.. but thats a good idea!... huh? murder? well im no expert, but i believe its symbolic of the killers distaste for damage done to the environment.. yea he or shes a tree hugger like me. Come up to canada? i blew all my money on candy, but ill see what i can do. i got a thumb, right?..

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...downriver in Montreal, Tway realizes she's out of salami.

"What the...?" Slamming the refridgerator door, she goes to the window and spots the neighbor's cat with a jaw-full of bratwurst.

"Why you good-for-nothing four-footed allergen!" she screams at the mangly thing. "You come back here with my lunch!" But the cat rounds the corner and, with a sly smile, pulls a sardine from its jaw and wraps the salami around it tight.

Scurrying off to the 401, our feline foe dons a clever disguise and pulls out his well-worn sign: Toronto or bust.

"Master will be pleased, so pleased..."

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Unaware of the events transpiring at Tway's house...

Isa sits by her window, looking for any sign of Fred's return. She thinks to herself, "How unlike that cat! He's never gone for more than a day or two, and that's only if there's a female in heat near by. Why doesn't he come home?? I have these wonderful sausages and sardines waiting for him. Besides, he hates the rain! And, lightning scares him horribly! Oh Fred, where are you??? Please come home soon!! I miss you!!!"

Just as Isa's thoughts of Fred come to a close, there's a knock on her door...

"Hello?? Who is it??"

"It's me, Tway, from upstairs! Answer the door!"

Isa opens the door just to have Tway storm past her...

"About that damn cat of yours, Isa, he stole my salami and sardines that I had planned to eat for dinner! What do you plan to do about this?"

"Oh Tway, I'm so sorry!! How about I call for a pepperoni pizza and have it delivered..."

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"We be nearing tha port miss" Samsara heard from her cabin door. Finally, she thought to herself. Five days on this blasted ship was far too long.

Samsara secured the portal window and dried her face and hands on her towel. She was just starting to collect her things into a bag when shouting and screams could be heard from the upper decks. Samsara ran over to the cabin door and peaked out. Everything looks okay, she thought. She was about to step out, then she saw a large shadow against the wall of the stairwell slowly moving down. The sceams had stopped.

Samsara quickly closed and locked the door. Looking around the room, there was only a small desk under the portal and small green got opposite the door. No place to hide!.. it is probably nothing... they don't know I am here... what should I do?! Endless thoughts were running through her mind. Where to go, what to do. The only other way out was the portal.

I wonder how close we are to shore, she thought. I could maybe swim.... She opened the portal and looked down at the water. Not too far down. The water was as dark as the night sky with the large swells crashing against the side of the boat. She looked up along the horizen and could see lights. "That must be the shore." She said aloud. Just then the handle on the door started to shake. Someone was trying to get in. Samsara clamped her hand over her mouth.

Heavy knocks were at the door now. Bang! Bang! Bang!. Samsara looked frantically around the room and out the portal again. She had no choice. She looked under the cot and there was a the small chest the captain told her about. She opened it and grabbed a life-vest.

She took her shoes off and was putting on the vest when heavy crashed started against the door. They were trying to break in. They must have heard me. She thought. Samsara climbed onto the desk on her knees and looked again down at the swirling black currents.

Crash! The door flew open smashing against the wall. "Stop!" Someone yelled. Samsara jumped. The cold water of the Altantic rushed over her. Surrounded by the icy black water she fought her way back to the surface. With her failing strength she started to swim to the small lights in the distance. She had to get away.

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FiNZ crashes through the door uncerimoniously having forgotten her key.. again

Samsara.. Samsara, she must have gone out for a walk not much of a night for it! Crikey, I really need to sleep off all those Martini's I've been drinking with that suspicious looking Brendan fellow. Its a tough job but, oh well all in the name of undercover espionage detection in the environmental war......

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"Stop", I yell as she gets away. Blast!"That one will come back to haunt us" I tell the rest of the gang as we start back towards the inner recesses of the boat. It was the perfect cover. A tourist trap floating in the Atlantic. I had been planning this for to long for someone such as a green, first year cadet such as Samsara to enter the mix now. She had a lot of spunk but had no idea the depths of this case.

"Uni-jacker, I have a report for you" one of the crew was welling as he ran up to me. No one knew my real name, the safer for them. "We are ready to take over control of the ship!" he nearly announced to the entire damn craft. "Cierre su boca!" I scream in Spanish. The crew was a perfect assemblage of nationalities. How we would be able to finish our mission in 97 and a half days was still a question without answer. That we could all be working together was not even comprehensible to a fledgling such as Sgt. Zhang and the rest of the Canada's finest. Or so the mad 'jacker' thought.

Back on the range"Isa!" Tway screams. "You know how pepperoni makes me break out!" the scantily clad girl sways back to her apartment above. They truly have no idea what a helter-skleter life it is to lead being the mild-mannered (and extermely voluptous) daughter of the world's most renowned explorer/traveler's. Blasted demon of hell - cat thought Tway. The note to help break the code had been stuffed inside the sardine. Now how am i going to break the code she thought. "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious" she screams in frustration.:)