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1. Posted by BradM (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I have begun planning a trip around the world and am planning on leaving soon after the end of the year. I am going alone and I am interested in going from:

USA - Chile/Arg./Brazil - Aust/NZ - Southeast Asia/China - Central/Eastern Europe - USA

1. Is this possible to do in less than 6 months?

2. I planned on spending about an equal amount of time in each of the 4 areas but now that I look at it, it seems I should probably plan more time for Southeast Asia/China than for Aust/NZ. Any thoughts on this?

3. Though money is obviously an issue, so is the flexibility of my itinerary. Is a pre-purchased RTW flight plan a better idea than purchasing a bunch of one-way tickets at the local currency? Perhaps there is a way to purchase the longer flights before hand with some flexibility and then deal with the smaller flights as necessary. Thoughts?

4. Given it looks like Jan/Feb in South America, Feb/March in Aust/NZ, March/April in Southeast Asia/China and April/May in Eastern Europe, do any seasonal issues stand out as troublesome? I.E. monsoon season, hurricane season, etc.?

Thanks a lot

2. Posted by BradM (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I noticed many people have viewed my post but none have yet responded. If I am asking for too much information, please feel free to limit your response to any part of my post. I am mostly interested in opinions on if my itinerary is feasible in <6 months and the appropriate amount of time for each region. Appropriate being a very relative term. Perhaps, a better way to put it is, “the appropriate amount of time to leisurely visit each region given my timeframe.” This could easily mean dropping a region and therefore, which one? Again, given my timeframe.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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Now wanting to travel to South American, Southeast Asia, AND New zealand and Australia all in six months. If all you want to see is the amajoe things and not see a lot of the country all the power to you. Although if you could a trip like this you would want to brake up, in my opinion. Also I don't know if you have travelled much, and going from three totally different cultures and languages can be so stressful, and very draining alone. I would recoomed that you brake a trip like this int three parts, but that is just my thought. And remember that even though as a traveler you want to see everything, when you are tired one must take a brake and relax, especially while travelling alone, because you have no one to take care of you. But even to do this trip in three parts, each part being 3 or 4, myabe 5 months. I think you will be able to enjoy it more. Although if you are looking be to an actually dieheart tourist go for it. I know it is every person that has "espiritu adventurara" (spirit of adventure). I also share that dream. Now I have not travel much but the more I travel and talk to people, you appricate it more when you have the time to know the people. I don't know if you speak many different languages, even if you know little phrases, it takes so much energy to think in that other language, and to have massive changes in languages will be hard. Although all the best to you, and I hope it goes well.

4. Posted by leeann (Budding Member 17 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Just one correctiong I read it wrong that you also want to go to Europe in that six months too. Buena suerte (good luck):)

5. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I will comment on the part I can

Quoting BradM


2 months is a quick amount of time to do all three of these countries. I did Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in 2 months, and really did not see much of Arg or Bolivia. Chile was more than enough for the time, and I can not say that I have seen it all.

Distances are pretty big in this area, so unless you planning on flying, a lot of time can be chewed up by travel. Good news is, though, that buses are in good shape and roads are usually well paved.

What specifically is drawing you to Chile, Arg and Brazil? You might be able to sate all your South American desires in sticking more to two or three general locations; say something like Brazil for beaches, a little jungle and then south to Chile and/or Argentina for Patagonia.

As for weather, Jan Feb is a good time of year, as it is their summer.

P.S. Please excuse spelling mistakes. These damn French keyboards don`t have the letters where they should be!

6. Posted by Lai (Budding Member 16 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

March / April is pretty humid in South East Asia. Early Feb is Chinese new year, a lot of shops / musums close in China, not in Hongkong, but you can see a lot of interesting celebration during that period. You can see beautiful cherry in Japan, only in April. one of my favourite hostel web : you wil love it.

Good luck!!!


7. Posted by BradM (Budding Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks to everyone for the replies, I really appreciate it. Maybe some more background on my situation will help everyone who is trying to help me out.

I am in somewhat of a unique situation where I can take off a substantial time from work after the end of the year. I have to be back for my brothers wedding but should realistically be back sooner, so 6 months is about what I have. I know this isn't all the time in the world but I don't forsee having this much "free" time anytime soon considering my age (27), work, marriage, kids, etc. Therefore, I put together a wish list of everywhere I want to go, which I listed above. After looking at the list, I thought that it was/is probably too aggresive

I need to trim some things off the list but I don't know where to start. I'm the only one who can make the "cuts" to the itenerary but hopefully I can get some practical help. For instance, trying to limit the number of different languages was a great idea as was recognizing I will be alone and the impact that will have my energy level. If anyone has tips like that, I would love to hear them.