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24hours until my baby sister (cookieyum) is getting on a plane to Chile and i'm already distraught - god knows what Mum and i are going to be like at the airport!
It was all fine when i jetted off for my first big trip but now i'm stuck here doing finals and dissertations and she's the one who's going to be so far away it feels awful! Thankgod for email but 5months without her dulcit tones on the phone is going to be tough, especially as she's leaving 3 days before my birthday!
Just thought i'd embarass her a little (it's part of my duty as the eldest sibling i feel;)) and wish her lots of luck publicly on the forum - i know she's been listening to me drone on for years about my adventures so it's definitely her turn to get out there and make me jealous.
See you at the airport tomorrow honey! GOOD LUCK! xxx

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Good God Alexandra, could you be any more embarassing?! Only kidding, that was very sweet of you. Ta very much. Yes, this time tomorrow i will be on a plane probably feeling absolutely terrified (apart from the enormous relief at escaping my embarassing big sis for 5 months;)but right now i'm feeling very very excited indeed. Although i am slightly concerned by the prospect of being told at the airport that my suitcase is too heavy and i have to sod off and unpack it! Aah, have to go otherwise i'll miss my last episode of Eastenders for 6 months! But i intend to log onto this wicked website as much as possible when i'm in south america. See you soon ally and DON'T WORRY! I'll be fine and i really can't wait for you to come over and join me in august. It'll be mad!Big hugsxxx

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Ahhhh. Ain't that sweet. You can just feel the love...

Good luck Sophie with your trip (and my deepest sympathies for having such an embarassing sister), and Lex good luck with your finals/dis. Oh, and happy birthday!

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So sorry Lex, I missed your birthday !!! Congrats!!!

Sophie, you have to love your siblings putting you on the spot like that. Pete did that the day he heard I got engaged.....hmmm :)