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i stumbled upon this site as I was searching for hostels today, and have made a few comments and have read wonderous things. This past spring i graduated high school and needed to leave my country. I am currently living in Guadalajara Mexico, and will be here until the 18th of March (cross our fingers). I am here to learn spanish and it is hard and very exciting at the same time. I want to one day travel the world many times over. Although i have read a few stories of people doing it in a month or two, I would rather stay a 6 months or a year in a place to work or study. I figure that one day I will venture back home for a hoilday when i am atleast 80, ok maybe not that old. I beleive that the desire to travel is a wonderful thing to have inside, and i wish all th ebest in everyones travels. And may good health and unexpected adventure fall upon us all.
I look forward to sharing my travels and having others share their travels with me.
Bye Bye Lee
And I said in another Lee's intro there must be something about the name Lee and the desire to travel although if it makes things clearer, I also go by my first and middle name Lee Ann.

Bye bye Lee Ann

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Hola Lee Ann, welcome to TP!

Sure you'll find lots of avid and ambitious travellers here.


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Hello Lee Ann!
Welcome to Travellerspoint! Sounds like a fantastic plan you have there...I would love to travel until I was 80 ;)
By the way..I love your name...I named one of my daughters that :)

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Hello there, welcome with us and have nice times.

Ghassan, Morocco