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let me start out with a small intro;
i'm a 31y old guy from Montreal Canada (yes i'm french), i work in computer graphics (pre-press and photoshop "expert") and what i'm planning on doing is this:

go to either Luxembourg or Switzerland to get some work in my field for a still unknowed period of time to then go visit Germany, Swit. (if its not my destination point), Spain, Italy...then decide if i want to come back to Quebec or stay in Europe

basicly i want to know if its hard to find some work in a precise field and if its possible to find (in either Lux. or Swit.) a small appartment to start off this new adventure, and to know some basics "need to know" about both countrys (yes ive spent countless hours on the net with my friend Google and on this site)

or if someone has has any experience in Luxembourg (zero results in the Europe forum section) on everything and anything (year round weather)


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Hi there

I just got back from Basel this afternoon. All I can say is that I only spent 48 hrs there :( but I was impressed.

So what if things cost a little more sometimes? People are friendly and courteous, the transport is clean and punctual. The streets are wide, clean and - most importantly - safe.

Why not find out more about it?

Good luck!

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Well, personally I would go for Switzerland. Not sure how hard it will be to find a job there in computer graphics though. And they have just voted for the Schengen/Dublin agreement so not sure how difficult it still is to get a working permit anymore either (not much help really, am I!).

All I can say is that I lived in Switzerland for 13 years and loved the place! I also spent a while in Luxembourg -on a trial basis when my family were thinking of moving there- but we decided to stay in Switzerland instead. As far as I could tell (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) Switzerland has a lot more to offer. From skiing, climbing, biking etc to social events.

You'll not have much hassle finding somewhere to live either.

Have fun whatever you decide though.

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I have been a few times to Luxembourg and Switzerland, but only for holiday purposes. I must say that I liked Switzerland much more than Luxembourg. Like Tallbird said, Switzerland has got a lot more to offer than Luxembourg. Swiss places come in all sizes, ranging from large cities to the tiniest hamlets. The Swiss cultures and landscapes are just as diverse. Luxembourg on the other hand is just a small town, while the rest of the country consists of a few dozen villages and hamlets among farmland and forests. It's up to you if you prefer living in a small or a large place.
You definitely need a work permit for both countries, probably a residence permit, too. The Swiss federal government has created websites to help out all the foreigners that would like to live and work there. Try and Both websites offer tons of information and are availible in several languages.
I hope this is useful to you! :)