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Hi, I'm doing a 2 month volunteer project in Quito, Ecuador early next year but want to do a month long spanish course in a different country before hand. As i'm planning on going to Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina after the project i was thinking more of language schools in central america, especially Guatemala or Costa Rica. I'm slightly concerned about the saftey factor with guatemala (as a young female solo traveller) but i understand the language courses are amazing value for money there. I'd love some advice on this or any country/language school reccomendations. Thanks!

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Antigua or Quetzaltenango (Xela) are the two most popular places for Spanish Schools. Antigua is more touristy and Xela is a bigger city. Xela is also higher in altitude and can get quite cold in the winter.

Both are perfectly safe for single female travelers who take the usual common sense precautions.

Some of the most affordable schools in the region with tuition and homestays running between $200 and $300 a week.


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The language schools in Guatemala are among the best and there are so many the prices are highly competitive, lowest prices are found in crowded Antigua (Antigua only 28 miles from the Capital, is not an indingenous town) which boasts the best and oldest accredited schools (approx. $125 week with home stay) to several unlicenced hole in the wall schools offering same from $49 week to several very good language academies in the middle averging $75 week. Up in the western highlands, the Guatemalan city and cultural center of Quetzaltenanago(Xela), 4 hours by bus from Guatemala City boasts now some 30 language schools, many with elective Mayan cultural and language programs with volunteer opportunties, again at around $75 week with room and board. There are now several schools around Lake Atitlan in the Mayan Highlands, Cobán in quiet Mayan upland Alta Verapaz 4 hours north of Guatemala City and Flores, Peten near Tikal as well, if you like tropical setting. Message me for info. Guatemala is no more 'dangerous' than any place else if you use common sense..many travelers go to Costa Rica beleving from teh publicity it is a 'crime free paradise' and get robbed.

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I hope this reply is not too late...? I can thoroughly recommend a great school in the Orosi valley, just 90 minutes from San Jose, Costa Rica.

With so many schools in Costa Rica to choose from, I was pleased to find a time-saving comparison site ( which was really useful and helped me choose Montana Linda – and I'm so glad I did!

If like me you're serious about learning Spanish in a relaxed setting away from distractions like the beach, then Orosi could be the place for you. It's a peaceful village nested in the mountains, with plenty to do if you like nature and prefer to explore the surroundings at your own pace rather than sign up for organised tours. There's a friendly atmosphere and you’ll not only receive a genuine 'hello' from the locals you pass in the street, but they'll also encourage your attempts to speak Spanish in the supermaket, bakery and internet cafe. I am a 26 year old female travelling alone, and I felt completely safe in Orosi.

Montana Linda Spanish School offers great value for money and caters for all levels. As a complete beginner I was relieved to find that my teacher had heaps of patience and tailored the classes to my own interests and needs. I expected that there might be up to three students in my class, but was fortunate enough to have one-to-one tuition and felt that the three-hour sessions were just the right length (any more would have been too much!). In just five days, my teacher gave me the confidence to travel alone around Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which would have been a real challenge had I not taken some prior tuition.

Classes run from Monday to Friday, but the school and lots of flexibility with regards to lesson times (8-11am, 12-3pm or 3-6pm) and accommodation (guest house, hostel or homestay), as long as you arrive by Sunday afternoon or call to make reservations in advance. I chose the cosy hostel as the budget option, but fellow students had a great time with their friendly homestay families, which were all within five minutes walk from the school, and often invited the students to join them at family gatherings and salsa nights!

I hope you find this useful and enjoy your time in Costa Rica as much as I did! For more information, check out the school’s website,, or Lonely Planet pages 122 and 143 (6th edition).

Best wishes for happy and safe travels!