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Hello everybody
I wonder if anybody could give me tips or offer help!
me and a friend of mine are planing to travel from los angeles to chicago on the route 66 next summer.we havwe never done such a trip before and are 20 and 18 next year.we planed to bye an older car(like a dodge challenger but hoped to spend not more than 1500$) in LA and sell it again in chicago.the trip should be about 3- 4 weeks long and we actually did not plan anything yet exept that we are going to do that trip!

Thanks for your answers in advace



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Hey Andy!

Here's a link to a thread about purchasing cars in the US that may give you some insight on what is involved.

America - buying a car

Good luck with your plans. Some sections of Route 66 are no longer in existence, but you should be able to follow it for most of the way.

Some other miscellaneous links:
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Maps & Directions
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Isadora has helped with the Route 66 part, let me give some advice on selection of a car. I would suggest looking for a minivan when you get ready to purchase a vehicle. Minivans can get about the same gas milage as a car and can carry much more. I had a Dodge Grand Caravan and used to to go from Las Vegas to the east coast each summer for 6 years. Besides holding all your stuff, you can sleep in it if you need to. Minivans are a nice compromose between decent gas milage and extra space. Worth considering.

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im not sure of your past auto purchases, but id maybe learn a few mechanical basics first. youll need a good radiator and tires in the summer and always pay attention to how the vehicle shifts(for tranny problems) and if its a standard tranny, make sure the clutch feels nice and tight.

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Also keep in mind that you will need to have insurance coverage and valid driver's licenses. Selling the vehicle will require title transfers and a few other things that do not happen overnight. Have all of your "ducks in a row" before making a purchase - especially when you are only traveling for 3-4 weeks.

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Thanks for the advice!the friend I m trvelling with is a car mechanic so that should not be a problem ;) and I am also quiet interrested in cars...! but thanks anyway!
I found out that there is an insurance company that operates from germany and supports people who are "doing" the route 66!They offer insurances which you can purchase from germany so that would be ok i quess! But whatr I do not entierly understand is how it works with actually buying a car...because here in germany its not that easy to get licese plates and all the stuff you need to have for being allowed to actually drive the car.
And how is the idea that we just ask someone to help us?I think of a person who knows la "like the back of his hand" and could take us to some car dealers who sell used cars?we could do the same in chicago where we want to sell the car again?!? do you lot think that people would do that, we would pay lets say about 50$ or something because I quess this would still be cheaper than to travell around on public transport and search for good car deals!?!

I hope you answer soon ;) and thaks a lot so far!


PS: we would like to travel in an american v8 and we know of course that these cars need some gas but we are willing to spend that money if we get the overwhellming sound of a camaro for example!
do not misunderstand me, we are not rich or something like that!but this trip shpuld really be something special and we are saving money for more than a year ;)

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Sounds like you solved the insurance problem and an International Driver's License solves the license problem. Many states give you up to 30 days to get your license plates, so that will suffice. Not sure about Calif. A Calif TP member will know.

Now car selection. It sounds like you are going for a muscle car rather than practical. There are older 70's muscle cars out there, but doubt they would be in the $1,500 range. Many are classics or getting harder to find. Those in that price range would need mechanical work. They get terrible gas mileage, have little comfort and are not the most reliable vehicle out there. You may want to rethink your auto choice. Good Luck.

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I live in St. Louis and would be glad to show you some Route 66 places around the area!

Ted Drewes is a MUST during the summertime. Frozen custard stand....yum! Just had some tonight, actually.