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I have accepted a post in Bahrain and would like to know what to expect. Also, I have a dog is it okay to take him there, I read that they consider dogs to be dirty and unacceptable.

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honestly, if u wanna be conscious about the feelings of bahrainis and respect their culture...don't bring your dog. for a muslim, taking a dog on a walk is like taking a pig on a walk.
all the gulf states in general are very tolerant of westerners and their ignorance, so u won't be hanged or anything for bringing along a dog...but sill u might wanna make a good impression. (also: don't bring shorts!!)
it's up to you to decide, when u are staying in a compound outside town with a bunch of other americans, completely seperated from the rest of the country...well, i guess in this case it doesn't matter anyway...
but if not...try to adapt your way of life as much as you can


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The trip to Barhrain is pretty interesting in all the ways. It is a country with a differences and excitement. The people are frendly and gestfree. I recone that the culture belong the arabic world with its color to the middle east. The country is modern in its limit. Your question about the dog, I believe is that there will be no problem, because there are other tourist, who did bring there dogs into the country if the follow the rules and animal restriction, however, in same cases rest to the country's region should be taken in consideration. It is not all the people are rejecting dogs, there are dog's lover as well. To assit, check this webside.
And for more specific question drop an email to:
the tourist office of Bahrain
I did use them and I got convincing answers
best luck

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My wife and I just moved from Hawaii to Manama Bahrain, first time living overseas. You will quickly find out that there is NOTHING to do on this desert island. Most people just drink at clubs all night (not our thing). The best thing about being here is the food. Almost everything here is about the same or more expensive than the states...no Wal-Mart. Hope this helps and you are not too depressed (I have not found an American who likes it here yet). If you want when you get out here give me a holla. -Mark

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well im actually persian born in bahrain (also my parents) ....im 16 in my whole life i had a total of 11 dogs :) ..... we have 2 house dogs now ....most of my frnds have dogs...so the "muslims dont like dogs" thing is b%ll s#&% :P...no 1 i know ever complained bout my dogs....ppl love em lol an they sleep in our beds an under chairs ....anywhere lol.... we had 1 for more then a yr now ...she is my dads fav an we just got a male before yesterday...hard 2 housebreak him but he is doin progress :) an i think he is a stayer :) even though my other dog runs away from him :P lol

as for bahrain ....yea it is boring xD lol except if your a tourist :) take a membership in bander club an resort ...its fun 2 hang out in :) ....an you got alot of malls ...they building a new mall called "city center" also now which is huge!!!! an just make frnds and youll have fun :) go 2 hawar, dur al bahrain or what ever :P you can camp in jan in the skheir an stuff also :)