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Hi Guys,
I'm Irish and on a WHV in New Zealand at the moment since April. I've booked a ticket to Brisbane and i have my electronic visitor visa. I only have a one way ticket though as i don't know which part of Oz i'll be flying back to New Zealand from. I have my ticket for going back to Ireland which flys from Auckland to melbourne and on to Ireland but the physical copy I have is out of date but i have changed it with Qantas to March 2006 over the phone and will get some stickers with the date change when i am leaving New Zealand in March 2006. (sorry for the longwinded explaination!)
As I wont have any proof of this when leaving for Brisbane will this cause me hassle at the airport not having proof of returning to New Zealand? Has anyone else been in this situation before?

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I had some serious issues this past summer with one way tickets. It wasn't in New Zealand or Australia but in China and Thailand. Japan didn't seem to care so I suspect you shouldn't have an issue in Aus or NZ.

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You should be able to get at least a print out from Quantas with your new date of travel. That, with your old return ticket, should work. Some countries want to see the actual date on the actual ticket, but in the new age of paperless travel, this will change. Once in Australia, can't Quantas resticker the ticket for you before heading to NZ?? Or maybe you might extend, so you may not want it stickered. Good Luck

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Cheers for advice guys, much appreciated :)