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I´d need to know few things about islands in Malaysia. I haven´t been there before so..

Me and my wife are going to travel around Malaysia in December 2005. We would like to spend our christmas (22.12-27.12) in some island like P. Rawa, P. Aur, P. Tinggi, P. Besar or P. Sibu. We´d be very grateful if some of you could tell us are there still available accommodations? If there is what is the best way to reserve the accommodation and how soon that should be done? Are those places usually overbooked?

I tried to send e-mail to address but it didnt´t work. I don´t know why. If you have visited those islands we would like to know also did you like it!

Thank you!

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Some of the best upto date accomodation details can be found at destinations,accommodation and links,tools at top of this page.
One of my favourte websites is and the other extreme is to do a google;Islands Malaysia.
If you are going to reserve in the lead up to Christmas you must do it now.
Just to be on the safe side check your goverments website for safety information in Malaysia as their is serious trouble on the border at Thailand and appox 60 people get murdered every week/month which does not make OUR news.
Sounds like a great Christmas trip so whatever have a good one and enjoy your travels.
al de bes

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Sorry to say it will be the middle of the monsoon season in December on the east coast, so all the islands you mentioned will be closed. There will probably be no boats, and any accommodation normally closes down in mid November.
Pulau Tioman has boats going there all year, as a lot of people live on the island. But the smaller islands effectively close down.
Sorry for the bad news!

Incidentally Pulau Rawa just made the BBC news :

Johor royal gatecrashes wedding
By Jonathan Kent
BBC correspondent in Kuala Lumpur

Johor's royals have been in trouble before
A member of one of Malaysia's royal families has been arrested following a brawl at a wedding reception on one of the country's tropical holiday islands.

More than 100 guests had booked into a resort on Rawa to celebrate the wedding of two friends from Brazil.

But the celebration turned sour when the reception was gate-crashed by a group of locals, allegedly led by a member of the Johor royal family.

Reports say several foreign guests had to be taken to hospital.

It is the latest in a series of incidents involving the royal family of Johor, which is one of nine Malaysian states with its own royal house, and also one of its most troubled.

Ordered off

The problems began when a female guest refused to dance with one of the gatecrashers. A fight broke out and a royal allegedly ordered the guests off the island.

A group of locals is reported to have returned later, armed with golf clubs and weapons.

Police have confirmed they arrested four people, including a member of the Johor royal family, after a number of guests were injured. Police have refused to release the names of the people arrested.

This is just the latest incident linked to Johor's royalty.

The current sultan sparked a constitutional crisis when he seriously assaulted a hockey coach. The incident led Malaysia's parliament to remove the traditional rulers' immunity from prosecution in 1993.

His son was also banned from playing hockey for five years after a panel concluded that he had assaulted a rival goalkeeper after losing a match.

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all the islands mentioned are beautiful, but mm.. i dont really recommend pulau besar. i went there myself and it was not so great compared to other islands.

and yes, most of it will close in december especially in east cost (pulau kapas) and will re open end of february.

try to reschedule your holiday plan if you really want to go to our beaches.


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The islands off Mersing ( in Johor ) have been my fishing playground for years, and therefore,I am familiar with most of the island resorts - the good and the ugly side (thanks to my years in journalism.) Keep away from P. Rawa - it has a long history of problems with visitors. You have other islands, like Sibu, Tinggi, Pemanggil, Aur,(Tioman, which belongs to Pahang, is touristic and pricey).

Okay now where do you start ? Contrary to popular misconception, the islands still attract visitors during the monsoon. The resorts dont remain closed anyway ( Those days yes!., The furtherest island is Aur, sitting on the continental shelf and playground for blue water anglers (marlins,sailfish and tuna). There are some resorts. But the 4-6 hours boat ride might put you off. But it is a paradise with lots of little Malay villages.
Next is Pemanggil,another paradise with a choice of accommodation -homestay and low-budget resorts.Good beach sand and clear waters for snorkelling.
Next is Tinggi & Sibu which are close by...not too far off from Mersing coast...Sibu has good beach and resorts, simple jungle treks,etc.

Now how do you go to any of these islands? Get in touch with Khalid Hussein, a fisheries enforcement officer ( a close friend of mine). He himself manages a quaint guest house in Mersing (at Kg Seri Lalang,facing the sea).If fact,you can stay at his place (looks more like Balinese setting), and get him to arrange a trip to any of the islands I have mentioned. He is reliable, trustworthy. He speaks good English, and his place is squeaky clean. Send me a PM, and I will give you details (the address, e-mail, mobile phone number,etc) of how to contact him for your trip. I am sure with his assistance, you will have a wonderful Xmas!


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Malaysia - how cool!
Pulau Besar is a stony beach with one resort. The end.
I would highly recommend the Perhentian Islands, and Pulau Kapas. The rest of the ones you're planning to head out to sounds great!