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1. Posted by Jow (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I've had the idea of traveling around Europe for quite some time now, and as my job is underpaid and extremely repetitive, I've decided now is the time to just quit and go and experience the world. I'm 22 so I figured now is the perfect time. At the moment it looks like I'll be going alone.

I have a rough action plan in my head after looking around on the internet for advice and ideas, I must of visited every backpacking site out there. So I'm hoping that if I post my plan here, then the more experienced travelers will be able to tell me where I'm going wrong, what I need to change, or maybe just tips and advice

First of all, I want to be away for as long as possible to experience as much as I possibly can and to remove myself from my numerous comfort zones.
I was thinking of 6 months to a year.
I know that sounds like a long time for someone starting out, but for some reason I feel as if it's now or never, I need a full-time job in England to fund the flat I live in, so the only way I can see myself going anywhere for a long amount of time is if I go inbetween jobs. Which is more or less now.
I plan on leaving my flat and saving as much money as I can while living with my parents, I'm pretty sure I can raise about 4000 pounds (maybe a bit more) before the date I am planning to leave.
That doesn't sound like alot of money to last 6 months but I'm hoping to find work along the way that will provide free board.
So far, is that sounding realistic?

I think I will get a cheap flight out to a country such as Holland, and then move on from there, these are the countries I am most interested in visiting (in route order) - Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech, Poland.
I would stay at hostels on days when the weather is less than ideal, and camp in a tent as much as possible at other times to cut costs.
I will buy food as cheaply as possible at markets etc and maybe go to a cheap restaurant now and again just to sample local food.

Traveling is something I'm not completely sure of. Train is supposed to be cheap and efficient, but looking at some prices for long-term tickets, they don't look cheap at all to me. Obviously I wouldn't get far on foot but I have no problem with long-distance walking, and I would try to make use of buses wherever possible.

As I mentioned earlier, I would try to find work that would provide board, and maybe food. I have heard stories of people getting work on farms, that sounds quite appealing to me. Also, I have been told that it's possible to find work at the docks, on boats etc, I realise that I wouldn't get paid, but it's the experiences that I'm after more than anything.

I really just want to stay for as long as possible, so I'd try and live by the philosophy that spending money will be the last resort. I know there will be many costs that will creep up on me, but hopefully I would be able to minimise them.

I think that is everything. I've been to a few European countries before but never backpacking on my own.
I'd appreciate it if alot you could iron out any flaws in my ideas, or if you could give advice, or anything.


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I am heading to europe in a month. It depends on your personality, but I have just come across something that I think is fantastic - - where you can stay at someones house, or get them to show you around, when you are in their city. It sounded crazy to me when i first looked into it but now i have made some friends and will be catching up with them when i am over there.

Obviously not good if you are going to be staying somewhere for a long time, but if you're going to a town for only a few days it is something you might want to look into :)

Have a fantastic time on your trip!!

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Ah, thanks alot, I've been searching for that website for ages :)

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For your travels in Germany

Maybe we will have a beer in Amsterdam, Berlin, together in March 06; I may also be in Mannheim on March 11 and Graz, Austria on March 12.

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my mistake on the link previously posted... this is the link i meant to post:

there is an english button somewhere on that page, but not hard at all to figure out how to use the site in german....

good luck

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hey jow,
Its always handy to do a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course as you can find work all over the place teaching english and you might get free board with it aswell! Even if you did a weekend course it would stand to you!
hope that helps