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I stumbled upon this website and found some useful information here on cheap accommodation. I thot that's really great! Actually I am planning to travel to Taiwan this Nov. I was just wondering if anyone has been there before? As I intend to go on a budget tour of both North and South Taiwan, I would like to know some information with regards to:

1. Does Taiwan have a MRT system throughout the country or is it constrained only to Taipei?

2. What are the other cheap forms of transportation available?

3. Do you know of any other websites that provide useful information for travelling on your own such as what is the cheapest transportation mode from Taipei to Taichung?

4. Any fantastic (must-see) sightseeing destinations in Taiwan?

5. Any recommendations for hot springs in Taiwan?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, Eve, welcome to TP!

I never been to Taiwan but a few friends of mine had been there before. And they brought me about 8 brochures of them. Eve, it's hard to find any official tourism site of Taiwan if we compare it to Thailand or Malaysia.

Those who have been there said the country is very tourist-friendly and good culture and lots of creative food and warm-hearted well-mannered - that's what the impression Taiwanese had given to my friends.

There's too many places not to be missed in Taiwan although I recommend Tainan - lots of scenic landscape and rich in culture (as many famous Taiwanese singers/artist are born from there).

Prepare for your Hokkien too as many of them rather speak Hokkien than Mandarin, typically the old ones. IN Taipei, there's okay as it's a metropolitan city.

For further info, just pm to me. Maybe I'll ask some help of my friends.

Don't worry, YOU MUST BE AMAZED THAT THERE'S SUCH A GOOD CULTIVATION AND HIGH MOTIVATION PLACE. (compared to China, HongKong, Singapore and other places with majority Chinese population)You'll sure enjoy your trip there, believe me! (have 12 people been there so far...and all of them they found it amazing as many of them even they work for 24 hours but they seem enjoy their work very much and always it's convenient to ask for help: cityman's outfit but coutryman's heart - thats the description I got from them)


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Have a nice trip!

Ghassan, Morocco

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Do u have Zhang Hue Mei's phone number? If not, try visiting these sites for more information.

Hope that helps a little.

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Sorry, I was busy over the weekend, hence, did not check out this website.. Thanks to Cikusang, ghassan12, J a r e d for your sincere and informative comments. I was wondering earlier if I'll get any response from my posting? Your spontaneous replies have proven me wrong. This has made my planning fact, I'm planning for some 6 good friends..hence, I’m pretty pressurized to make it a good trip! Cikusang, I’ll pm u if I need further help! Thanks for availing. Oh, thanks to Jared for the amazing links, think we’ll go crazy eating, shopping and visiting the hot springs!


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you're welcome, any time.