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Can some one please advise me who is a good travel insurance company?
I have taken some out with "insure and go" and am not sure if it is very good. We have a 14 day cooling off period.

We are travelling round NZ in a camper for a month and would like the insurance to cover most adventure activities and possibly valuables in the camper.

Also any recommended "must do's/see's" would be good.

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Hi Crazyhorse,

There's been a ton of threads about this topic if you want to do a search on them I am sure you'll basically find the info you're after. On I&G from what I heard there were mixed reviews, but then again that is often the case for insurances. There were a lot of good experiences from members that have taken it out.

The World Nomads one is popular with several of the members (including Pete who runs the site who is travelling on it right now)...

3. Posted by Crazyhorse (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Sam I Am,

Thanks for reply.

I am new to this forum and have done a quick search.
However, i did not find that much info!

I am concerned about the limits on the insure and go policy. Ie 3 million for medical expenses, where the Post Office give you 10 Million.
The problem is this, is 3 million enough? I've never had to make a claim so i don't know! etc...


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I got 46 results when searching for 'travel insurance' over the past 3 months alone. Here are some of the threads that are referenced:

In terms of medical insurance, I don't think 3 million is that bad. The higher it gets, the more expensive the insurance will get (naturally), or else the coverage is going to be cut somewhere else. Keep in mind too that the area where most claims are made are actually the bagage and valuables side. Medical coverage is necessary generally strictly for emergencies but it's very worthwhile to consider having your bagage covered generously as this is the most likely area in which you are going to be claiming... The UK generally has the cheapest insurance options available that I've ever seen though. There's a lot of competition in the market. Insure and Go are very big, I noticed last week in Heathrow that they're partnered with Travelex for example and so you'd be very safe going with them.

It's all really a matter of weighing one area of coverage off against another. For example, a 10 million coverage on medical might be worthless if it doesn't cover the kind of trip you're doing (check the small print!)...

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I haven't needed it, but when I got my travel insurance, I specifically went for something that covered unlimited medical expenses. If something really bad happens and you're hospitalized, the costs of that can shoot through the roof in no time.

Also note that a lot of travel insurances specifically do not cover adventure activities (mine covers it, but if I'd gone for the cheaper version, I'd have had to pay extra). Be sure to read the fine print.

As for must do/see's in New Zealand: Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook, follow the waterpipe along the One Mile Creek track in Queenstown (the start is hard to find, way at the end of Lomond Cres, climbing up some stairs to the right of a house, and it doesn't look very promising at the start, but it's absolutely gorgeous about five minutes after that), Peter's Pool at Franz Josef Glacier and the rest of the track to Roberts Point, Point Elizabeth Walkway just north of Greymouth, eat a piece of "dutch boterkoek" at the "village bakkerij" (bakery) in Picton (mmmm! pure butter; so good!) :D, Tongariro Crossing, Hobbiton tour in Matamata, Cape Reinga.
That's a mostly beautiful nature focused list; other people will have other angles.

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Many thanks for your post ;)

Will look up your recommendations on the web and maybe include them on our trip.


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Crazy Horse... If you are a UK citizen, there is a reciprocal health agreement between New Zealand and the UK... You would be treated for free in NZ public hospitals. I work for an Emergency Assistance company and our main clients are Insurance Companies for Travellers... check out... - they have an inbound insurance policy that may suit your needs?



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Thanks for advice!
I have now chosen to go with Insure and Go!

Hopefully won't have to use them. None the less, your information is worth knowing.


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