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Does anyone have a rough estimate on how long it would take to travel up the east coast from Sydney to Darwin if done by bus and hitchhiking(if thats even possible)? Just following the coastal highway all the way up. I will be stopping at cities along the way, but in terms of travel time, I am curious. I will be flying into Sydney in Mid Feb 06, and heading into Indonesia after touring a portion of Oz. I am trying to get a rough idea on when I would be entering Indonesia, so i'm trying to estimate my travel time to Darwin and then I will add in time spent at each city along the way. Thanks for any advice!

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Well, I've hitchhiked all around and across Australia several times, so it's possible. But I'm a girl, and girls don't have to wait at the side of the road...

And I don't like hitch hiking on the east coast, period.

Bus travel is dead boring, but it's easy to pick up a lift with other backpackers. People who stay in Oz for a while often buy cars and then look for passengers to share the fuel and driving. Cheaper and more fun... You will find notes on all the notice boards in every hostel.

But it means you would depend on their schedule.

I've driven and hitchhiked from Darwin to Brisbane in 2 to 3 days, that's if you drive straight through. Pretty cruel...
Sydney to Brisbane would be another day or two, depending on whether you stop on the way or not.

By the way, Australia has a lot more to offer than cities... If you want to get a taste of Australia allow a few weeks along the East coast at least, and then another week between Katherine and Darwin.


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Yeah, i'm definately there to see what Australia has to offer, in and outside of the cities. I was just curious for itinerary planning. I'll definately look into hitching with other backpackers. Thanks for the info!

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Not sure what your up for but

might be worth a look . If you want a fun way to get round and meet peopel while you do .

Mates of mine did this and had a blast