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Traveling in SE Asia what is recommended against Malaria? Is the responsible use of mosquito repellent enough? Is Lariam necessary? How are you guys protecting yourself?

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A lot of travellers will tell you that you don't need any protection for malaria. My advice is to check with your State Department or equivalent, they should have a medical recommendation page. Do what they recommend!

When I go to Thailand and other places around there, I use DOXYCYCLINE tabs (100 mg.) Check for any allergies. One tablet per day.

Doxy is cheap, (in Thailand) around 4 to 8 baht per tab (a little over 10 cents each, U.S.) Doxy can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies in Thailand without prescription.

If you use any malaria medicine doctors usually recommend that you start a few days before you leave on your trip. Starting your malaria medicine early also is a good check to see if you have any bad reaction to new medicines while you are still in your home country.

If you do buy meds in Asia stick with the big companies that have a large turnover to lessen your chance of counterfeit pills. In Thailand Boots and Watson's are pretty reliable.


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You dont need malaria tablets if you travel the tourist track.
The only time you need malaria jabs or tablets is if you are going to be in lowlieing jungle swamp area sleeping outdoors etc.
Asia is full of ex-pats who live their and dont and have never taken malaria tablets.
Check out your countrys health advisory service but make sure you read the small print!!!!!
Have a good trip and enjoy your travels and dont get a hangover!!never mind malaria!!!!
al de bes

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additional precaution: just note that cambodia has dengue problem, and Laos malaria ( in more remote areas )...use repellents (rub/ roll on type). I use citronella oil fortified repellent (organic and very effective and aromatic. This is in addition to medication (tablets, etc as suggested by other fellow travellers.). another thing to note: malaria and dengue mosquitoes are out from between is their trait. so take extra care if u are out during these hours.


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I took malarone with me last summer to SE Asia. Larium is ineffective against Asian anopholese mosquitos. Most of Thailand is malaria free except for the extreme north around the border with Laos and Burma (Golden Triangle) and Ko Chang. Cambodia is full of malaria as well as dengue fever in the Siem Reap area. I ended up leaving Cambodia early since the hospital in S.R. had run out of blood due to all the dengue fever patients. I used a mosquito repelent developed by the US military and tested in Thailand. Never got a bite but its not cheap stuff.

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It's not needed but you can always be extra safe. I would bring some Malarone. Not only dose it protect against malaria, but it gives you crazy dreams.