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1. Posted by blue112 (Budding Member 25 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

as part of my rtw trip my last destination will be north america in may. are there any places you can recommend to me. and what will the weather be like?

any help appreiciated

2. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2004 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Well, you probably picked the best month to be in the US--before the crowds take over travelling in the summer months and it gets super hot, but after the cold winters.

Most anyplace will be good to go at this time, but I notice that you planned on going to Las Vegas and New York in a previous post. While I think Las Vegas is extremely interesting, it's designed for people 21+ and 17-18 year olds will be bored there unless you plan to just hang out at the pools the whole time--and even then you can't drink alcohol.

I would suggest that you consider San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle instead--or else make Las Vegas a "jumping off" spot to go see the Grand Canyon, Moab (Arches and Canyonlands National Parks), Zion, Monument Valley, or Lake Powell.

You might also consider, however, that renting a car in the states will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, at your age--so you might want to consider cities that have good public transportation or that are small enough to get around, (New York, Las Vegas and Chicago come to mind as good transportation--Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Denver have terrible public transportation--and Washington, D.C. is passable, but not great). Boston is small enough to get around, as is San Francisco, but not cities like Houston, Dallas, or Nashville.

Since you said you were coming to "North America", I should mention the other two large countries here.

As far as Canada, it's easier to get around Toronto or Montreal than Vancouver--but Vancouver's prettier and more interesting.

No spots in Mexico have good public transportation except Mexico City, but the taxis and buses are cheap all over the country. The interesting cities are Mexico City, Guadalajara, and San Luis Potosi. The major beach resorts are Cancun (and places just south of there--very hard hit by the recent Hurricane Wilma), Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Acapulco

Whereever you decide to go, enjoy your trip.

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Just to emphasize the points Calcruiser stated earlier:

Under 21 is not allowed in the casinos of USA and the only cool thing about Las Vegas are the casinos.

San Franicisco is your best choice to start in USA (I find LA public transportation as poor and ineffetive since it mostly relies on surface transport instead of underground); San Franicisco is easy to move about and small enough for cheap taxi rides and easy walks.

Washington D.C. and Boston have great public transportation (never rented a car their) and always got to where I wanted on the subway. The Museums of D.C. are great. Bostonians are rude -- ruder than NY, but it is a good place to visit.

My favorite places in USA are NY City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. LA is cool too if you have your own car, Boston is ok if you are not bothered by rude people. The US south is a bust.

Mexico City is a good destination and interesting culture to observer versus the US. Cancun has the best beaches this side of the hemisphere -- I am not exagerating -- and Cozumel is close to Cancun for a day trip which I would recommend because it is a nice island village where you can rent a moped and zip around the island with your friends which is really fun -- the beaches are weak. Note, Cancun will feel more like USA since it thrives on US tourists everyone will speak English. Lots of drinking in Cancun -- all ages.

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I can recommend you San Francisco or the Bay Area. I lived there for over one year and I enjoyed my time very much.....
San Francisco offers great attractions: museums, shopping, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge (where you can walk - peerless experience I can tell ya), Pier etc.....
San Francisco is not such a busy place like in New York City. It's more European and more relaxing....
I'm sure you will enjoy your time, though it is often windy there, but still warm enough in May!
And of course, you could fly to Hawaii from there, sometimes there are cheap flights. Hawaii is a great place to see....

The whole BAy Area is fantastic as well, you could go to a winery and do a tour there (and even taste the wine! :-) if you're lucky).

5. Posted by Asheila (Budding Member 19 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I went to NYC for a week this summer and it was really fun... definitally stop there.

I really agree about the whole Casino thing. I would imagine that Vegas would be boring unless you were of age.

If you turn 18 before you come here:
BUT you do not have to be 21 at ALL casino's in the States. I'm from Michigan, and if you're planning to travel here, there are a few casino's that allow you to gamble at age 18... if that's what you're in to.

Good Luck!

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Guess I'm on an Amtrak kick today, but they do offer great discounts to "students." Even when I was in school, I never really had to show them a student ID. Your age alone should suffice. If there is a major national park or other landmark near a station, they will often have a shuttle there, i.e., the Grand Canyon. It's a great way to see the country, too. A lot more comfortable than traveling by car, plane, or bus, and less expensive for the most part. Look into a 30-day pass. Check out the website for lines/stations. If you're looking to escape the crowds, check out "all that stuff in the middle" where age isn't a prohibiting factor.