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Who had gone to Mui Ne Beach or Sihanukville Beach?

Travel Forums Asia Who had gone to Mui Ne Beach or Sihanukville Beach?

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Disregard the info in post #17. 'danalasta' did a cut/paste from an old source. You most certainly can get a Cambodian visa 'on arrival' when you hit the border. There is now a bridge across the water at the Koh Kong border crossing; you do not get into small boats anymore. PM me again if you have more questions.

Thanks Mike...I have to decide the trip only in Thailand...and only has two main destinations:Bangkok and Pattaya.I plan to have 7-8 days stay there(excluding the time spend on the ways).I wanna enjoy the local life there,not just walk and I think i will have enough time to have a budget,comfortable trip...
Welcome to your suggestions...

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Mui Ne is great. There is a great site for it at

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Sorry for letting you wait or so long. I hope you still gonna check this forum or the infos are not too late.
I haven't been to Sihanoukville Beach, but I heard it is nice, not a paradise beach, but nice, and a beautiful city. But that is just what I heard.
I can recommend Nha Trang. The thing is that it is a pretty big city which is not too nice. The beach is good but again, don't expect it to be paradise-like. Many tourists there. But now lets get to the good news: "The sailing club". It is right at the beach and is beautiful. Every night there is a big party with dancing (barefeed (great)) or a band or something. It is great every night, so much fun, much more fun, than I ever had at home. Compared to europa or the us the drinks are still cheap, compared to 95% of the clubs and bars in the rest of vietnam it is very expensive. But like I said, for tourists still cheap. You might be wondering why I write so much about it, but it is just one beach bar and it totally burned itself in my memories. It is great.

If you are in Saigon you should definetly take a tour to the "Caodai-Temple" which is amazing. When you get there you probably see a big ceremony where all the monks a nuns are gonna pray and sing. It is amazing! Don't miss it. When you book at Sinh Cafe they'll take you there by the time the ceremony starts, but better double check with them. (You can combine it with the Cu-Chi-Tunnels).

Wich areas are yu going to? Then I can give you more infos if you need.

have a nice day. I'm jealous not be there yet :(

Nha Trang was quite dead when I went (Feb this year) didn't think much of the beach either, quite dirty & sea was too rough to swim in. Best thing about Nha Trang was the cheap seafood restaurants, very good food at cheap prices.

If you want to see stunning beaches & swim in clear water, your best bet is South Thailand & the Islands in peninsular Malaysia.