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Hi im 20 and planning to travel to Australia on my own some time around March, it will be my first time in Oz. Im going to head for Mooloolaba as i have friends there if i can get in contact with them. Has anyone been to that part of the Sunny coast before. Where are the best places to stay and in general whats it like?


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try getting near the beach as there will be more people out walking and doing things. If you are too far away everyone just uses cars etc. and you will never see or get to meet a soul! :)

In general the Sunshine coast starts about an hour from Brisbane and continues until roughly Noosa (about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away from Brisbane. The population in each town along the coast varies but generally there are enough people to have a few major shopping centers and attractions, but not enough traffic to drive you insane. If you currently live in any city in the world, the Sunshine coast will be a significant change of pace. Although some parts are a bit isolated, a few of the centers almost join up, giving you the feeling that the 'Sunshine coast is just the one long town. There are a lot of tourists (both from local cities and from overseas) in the area and so you shouldn't struggle to make friends if you make the effort to go to a few bars and clubs etc.

If you have a work visa, it may be more difficult to get work on the Sunshine Coast than in Brisbane, but after you do find something and get settled, you will probably enjoy a nicer quality of life. Holidaying on the Sunshine coast is a good experience, but there are not as many touristy things to do (eg. themeparks, fluro flashings signs, and that kinda crap) as on the Gold Coast. But this is why many Queenslanders seem to prefer the Sunshine Coast. If you can get a car, this would make everything easier (and you could spend a few days exploring the ranges behind brisbane and the gold and sunshine coasts. With a car, you cans see so much more, including rainforests - Lamington National Park in the south, to small country towns with amazing food and view like Malaney and Montville in the north). Mooloolaba has great resturants and an ok nightlife on weekends. Should be a great place to start experiencing parts of Australia that people who spend all their time in Sydney and Melbourne will never discover! Australia really is a pretty diverse place, and most tourists only see one face of the country. Remember, there are tons of cheap domestic flights around if you find that Mooloolaba isn't for you - instead of heading home, hop on a plane and try somewhere completely different!

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Cheers e mate, thanks for that.