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Backpackin` China alone, no problem???

Travel Forums Asia Backpackin` China alone, no problem???

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12. Posted by stanzou (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I too think its quite safe to travel in China,because most Chinese are kind and friendly,maybe for the effection of Chinese culture.For
sure if ur in rural area,language is a question,because most people there dont know English,some old people even only know the local language(so many kinds,in my city Wenzhou,there could be more than 15 kinds in one village),because though government have set measures to spread PutongLanguage,but still many rural places are not covered.
So if u have a Chinese friend who knows English could be very cool,
but if worse,u can also pick a guide who can also be friends later(lol),or u alone explore a not developed place could be very difficult.And also u should be watched often by the local people for few foreigners ever appeared before,that could be not a nice feeling,except ur very optimistic and sense of humors for urself.
I think if come to Shanghai,u cannot miss the chance to be in Zhejiang,because Zhejiang is full of places of interest,and many famous people in Chinese history was born here(really too many),the food is great and in various kinds,the beautiful scenery like Westlake in Hangzhou,JiangNanCulture(villages made of water,stone or wooden bridges and flowing rivers are the features,also its a place for poets),Holes in JInhua,thousand-islands Lake,Shop City in Yiwu,i cannot count its very worthful.Generally speaking,u have many choices to travel in China and any one can result a beautiful life.But i also have to recognize some street businessmen loves cheating money from white people especially in the Great Wall.Because Chinese has a prejudice that all Whites are rich because they have dollars,so do remember never believe a normal chopsticks worth 50RMB or a little china costs 200RMB,because the real products could not appear in the street.One way to avoid this is to ask the local people.Better ask more,so u will get the right price.Well,maybe they are all not very helpful,but just be happy if u can enjoy ur trip.

13. Posted by Bogman (Budding Member 61 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Backpacking through China by yourself is no problem, but do be prepared for language barriers, hawkers and touts, and general frustrations when outside the major cities.

You're right in that you won't meet many other individual travellers, but there is a moderately good system of hostels (Far East Hostel in Beijing) to meet other people. There are several towns where backpackers tend to hang out too...Yangshuo, south of Guilin comes to mind as full of westerners (not obnoxiously so) and one of the few places to get some western food if you're tired of the usual.

As for safely, I don't think you'll have any's a very safe country!


14. Posted by kathysmile (Budding Member 27 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi 2imagine, Cheer up !

China is really a worthy place to go and sure safty!

Regarding to public security,I think any places have the same situation, even in US, Astralia,England.Every places have the bad people and good ones,if they don't what do police do ? !

Anyway I think the most important thing is do to take care of your yourself & belongings .

When I am outside for traveling,firstly,I will take my bag in front ,I call myself frontpacker. I learn this in Guangzhou,where people will stole things from your backpack on your back,but you can feel it.I won't buy anything which people rush up for selling,sometimes the stolen will from this crowd ; Or buy things to eat along the road, because this isn't my place and no any relatives around,I don't want to have any stomach problem with this food,I will choose some clean place to enjoy my meal or buy some packed food in supermarket;and I won't stop in the crowd to care anything happen suddently beside me,this is not my business.I think if there is going to be a diaster happen ,people around me all run away,then I will run.This don't need any language explaination. I just kidding, sure this thing shouldn't happen. After all,I think there are the bases to avoid the unexpect thing happen to you when come to a place you don't know. Besides this , you can fully enjoy everything in your trip!

When you are here to find place to live ,you can live in Youth hotel . Normally ,every big cities have Youth hotel for backpakers.The room is cheap ,clean and most important you can meet a lot tourists there and share your experience with them.

China here are quite popular with buses,expecailly in large cities.
To save money on taxi, you can buy a bus guide book and hold this book to ask anyone kind look & knows English,they would love to help.Especailly,univercity or senior school students in China.Now,with the development of China,stuents here
are required to learn quite hard with English in school.So they would really love to get this chance to pratice their oral English with you.Of course, if you don't mind this also. I can't say anyone are kind and selflessness,this is the human nature things,
because some guys up this thread here have meet people who was warm to give a lot help first and turn out require to get business from them. But here I would say really not everyone like this. You do meet this kind of people sometimes, even I have meet some before.But many people here are really friendly to help whom may be you may come up with. Or I think you can lead your trust on the students.You can ask them for help.When I studied in Guangzhou ,I always help foreigners with road leading and even where to rent to room, help them to bargin with the room agent...etc.a lot of interesting things ! This gives me courage and experiences in later the intepreter job in Canton Fair Which consider to be the biggest exporting commodity trade Fair in the world.

See, to help others and also to help me . ^^

If you meet any question in China here ,pls free to ask. I would really love to help. ^^

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