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61. Posted by kombizz (Full Member 1416 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

It would be my pleasure to help you.
Unfortunately do not know what is your email, otherwise I write you privately.

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I know its pretty late, but can I contribute too:(

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Hey...! I would be more than willing to help...! I have my complete course guide on digital photography and computers which gives alot of hints and tips and how to's and I am also in email contact of the author for permission to use it...! Hope that helps!

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hello dear it'll be great pleasure for me to contribute photos. i have a complete guide on photography. i have a allure of traveling photos as i have visits of different areas of world.
i am putting down some ideas on landscape photos ;)
1. Get Down: So many good landscape shots miss the chance to be great simply because we lift the camera to our faces and shoot. This may capture the inspiring scenery, but from a head-height perspective that we are all unconsciously accustomed to. Simply getting low to the ground can improve your results and make your photo stand out.
2. Tilt Forward: Enhance the impact of your immediate location in the context of the whole by tilting your camera forward and focusing on what's immediately in front of you while keeping the rest of the landscape in the picture.
3. Shoot Through: Shooting from just inside a treeline or through a bunch of tall grass or flowers will heighten the sense of being in the landscape.
4. Seek Contrast: Include strong elements of light and shadow to achieve a more stunning effect.
5. Frame: Look for opportunities to frame your landscape photos in dramatic ways such as breaks in the foliage or open portals like glassless windows and open doors.

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68. Posted by sugitha (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

This thread is very useful for me because I am not a good photographer.

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Sorry if this has been stated.

Many people hold the camera wrong ! That annoys the bejesus out of me.
Landscape or Portrait
Landscape format is particularly the "norm" for shooting scenery, giving the image the wider feel taking more in.
Portrait is used mainly for "portraits" it still can be utilised for landscape - in this format don't forget the rule of thirds! This is useful for when you would like the viewer of the image to be drawn from a focal point at the bottom of the image into the pic. This is best accomplished with "lines" - by that i mean the sea-shore/ a fence / a road all taking an angle into the centre giving the viewer's eyes something new to see.
In landscape - the rule of thirds can be broken as long as the image is cropped panoramic. By placing the horizon in the dead centre, the viewer has no option but as to view along the line. This is how Ken Duncan, came about. He was a little rebel against the rules, and has paid off for him.

Many amateurs do not want anything getting into the image, or frame the image by leaving just a little tree branch sticking out of the top corner. To frame an image, try to use what is around - natural shapes / foliage / buildings. If you were to use a tree, put the trunk in ! Others have stated here too - get down low for another perspective, you'll be amazed at the numerous aspects that other views can provide when not standing.
i know not travel pic but demonstrates framing
this image uses the lines of the tree branches to frame around the spider - and by changing the apeture giving the Depth of Field (DoF). Basically softening around the subject. This was shot from the centre of the tree shooting straight up and zoomed in . The image has then been flipped ;) and cropped to the point of thinking you are on the web - using the "lines" to draw you into the spider and the branches keeps your eyes coming back to the start point.

I could keep going, but would like to keep it simple....


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