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Hey All..

I have a question about the falls.. I am trying to plan my trip accordingly in South America.. Now, I am going to start in the Brazil side of the falls.. HOw hard is it to get to the ARgentinian side of hte falls? I want to fly out from the ARgentina side.

Is this going to be a huge hassle?

Please let me know.


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No,its not a hugh hassle,their are bus's running a regular route across the border,change once and you are over.
Their are full day trips to both sides of the falls which you dont need a Visa.
If you want to fly out from Argentina side you will need a Visa to get into Argentina but their easy enough to get at the Argentina consulate in Foz do Iguacu.
Have a great trip and enjoy the falls.
al de bes

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Go to the Argentinian side anyway, there is tons more to see, i cant see the point in doing the brazilian side, only one good view of the mouth, go to argentina caracas and enjoy loads more. it was the best thing i have ever seen in my life. (and i travelled all through south am) I didtn expect it to be that good and was magical to say the least.

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I personally like the brazilian side better. However, I think the average person would agree on the following; At the brazilian side you have a much better overview, you get to see all the falls at once;
At the Argentinian side you get to see many of the falls a lot closer. But to say that it is not worth seeing the brazilian side a all, in my opinion, is simply nuts! (sorry)


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Hands up everyone who's been to the Acropolis?
Did you walk in through the Gates, check out the front portico and bugger off?
Course not. You walked all the way around it to appreciate it's magnificence, and doing both sides of Iguazu Falls merits the same respect.
Did it early February this year after Rio, and both views are worthwhile.
Found some lovely furry animals at the Brazilian side (see photo gallery if interested) and loved the panoramic views of the Falls.
Took taxi to Argentina side and spent next day at Falls. I advise you to take the boat trip under one of the lesser falls (NOT DIABLO!!), and check out Isla Martin? island.
One of the greatest sites of SA.



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My mistake,You dont need to apply for a Visa "previous to arriving" if from the USA as they get a 90 day visa on arriving.
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