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I couldn't help myself, Bethy -- the most isolated capital city in the world? I guess it depends on what you classify as a city or a capital (after all, it's only a state capital). I would say Adamstown, the capital of Pitcairn Islands would win for most remote capital though! Not the easiest place to get to in a hurry. hehe


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I would suggest that you go direct to the cruise lines as well. many have websites and on them are areas you can go to apply for jobs. They may have specific ones on the websites but you can usually find a snail mail address to send your applications to.

for you in Australia, I would recommend P&O Cruises Australia. The hireing might be out of there corporate office in Southampton, England.

Check this website for their jobs at sea.

if your willing to go anywhere try:

Carnival Cruise Lines

for Holland America Line

Royal Caribbean International;jsessionid=0000BbE9HhcYP_4IQdlNfmAZvmE:v29bc620

The possibilities are endless. Be patient and good luck

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Thank you Brianne for all of your advice. I too am searching for a potential job shipboard. I did find an interesting website with almost TOO much information for the cruise job hunter: A subscription service, but REALLY cheap. I think $3 for a month! You may need the entire month to get through all of the info on it. It gives you advice about resumes, cover letters, what to expect, individual cruise line info, and also info on how to contact concessionaires (companies who rent retail space on board).

My question to you is this: I am currently living in Indiana and am getting ready to move back to Washington State. I have heard that once you get an interview over the phone, there is the possibility that they can ask you to be ready to go "tomorrow." Is that true?

Thank you! Jennifer

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Depends on what you class as a capital city or even isolated!! I agree Perth is a state capital and quite possibly the most isolated large town/city in the world, and also that it 'claims' to be the most isolated capital city, but as you've given the option, i have to dispute!!

Assuming Perth counts as a capital city, surely Honolulu must be in with a shout on the same grounds?

However, I've always believed that Edinburgh (the capital of Tristan da is the most remote capital on the most remote permanently inhabited Island in the world. The nearest living human in any direction is 1320miles away on St. Helena, and closest airstrip is over 1700miles away near Cape Town.
Easter Island (Hanga Roa???) also claims the title of most remote inhabited island/capital city, but it's 'only' about 1170miles from Pitcairn (Adamstown) and even has an airport with regular flights.

Rich (hides down ready for the expected onslaught!)

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Man, this isolated city biso should have it's own thread. Yeah whatever, Perth isn't really that isolated compared to island states and nations.
Re: cruise ship
i've decided to use my working holiday visa in Canada first, and go there for the ski season oct/nov. Can't wait. Then maybe from Canada and being 21 by then it'll be easier to get a job on a cruise ship, haven't given up yet!

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Hi sailors,

Great to see that you want to hit the high seas. I worked on cruise ships as youth staff for two years. There are times that I miss the cruiseship life....but honoustly there are things I do not miss at all, such us curfews, cabin inspections, lifeboat training, name tags, staff meetings, customs and people signing off.

Before I got my job as youth staff, I had a highly respected job. I tried everything to get on a cruiseship; I wrote letters, made a portfolio, made a lot of phonecalls, just to be put on a waiting list. At the end I just quit my job, worked in a summercamp, met people in Miami and started walking into cruiseship company offices (both introduced and not introduced). I spent some time in Guatemala to learn Spanish, save money (Miami is expensive) and to extent my visa. When I got back there was a job waiting for me.

Trying to find a job, you have to realise that the people in the office that have to hire you, don't think that much of a cruiseship job. They will never let you quit a fine job for a cruiseship job. When I got back broke, I guess they figured my life was a mess anyway, so they gave me what I wanted. Off course I had the experience and language skills (Spanish is a pro), too.

Youth staff (animation) is the best job on a cruiseship, there is a lot of fun out there ! Make sure you quit after a year or two so you will keep your sanity !

Enjoy the seas !

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Hi all
I just got a job on a Cruise Ship im so excited!!!
However when I applied I wanted the Cruise Staff position but I got the Gift Shop position instead. I really happy I got a cruise position at all but I really wanted the cruise staff one. I hope I will enjoy the Gift Shop position and much as I would enjoy the Cruise Staff position. Plus I heard that cruise staff make more money than the gift shop employees.
Does anyone have any advice or comments?
Please let me know
Amanda- Canada:)

18. Posted by Peter (Admin 6782 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Well done Amanda!! I think any job on a cruise ship for a while would be great, even if it is in the gift shop. After all, it's not really the job that most would be in it for :) Don't think too much about how much money it makes, think more of how much it saves you compared to paying for that kind of travel!! Oh, and welcome to the site!

Cheers, Peter

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I'm also really keen to get a job on a cruise ship, but am travelling with my boyfriend and have heard its really hard to get jobs on the same ship. Do you know if this is true? We're going to want to be applying when we are already overseas, how long does it usually take to find a job on a ship?

Thanks for your help and happy sailing!!

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Hi everyone,
I am from Czech republic, 27 years old, working in recruitment agency in Northern Ireland and I want to work on cruiseship. Now, I have no idea where to go or whom to contact from here and I am sick of all those web sites offering you "how-to-get-job-on-cruiseship" brochures. Is there anyone out there who would be able to give me the right directions? I heard about some cruise company in Scotland that pays quite good money, but cant find anything about them. So if you do have any info, please send it to me, I will very much apreciate that.