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21. Posted by sunshines (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi everybody,

Ok I need your experiences to help me to relax and breath...
I got a job as stage staff with Princess Cruises. I received a nice email of congratulations from Miami but they said for now I was on a waiting list because they haven't yet any positions available. It has been now 1 month and 10 days.... is it normal ? Do you think I should be worried ? Or is it possible that even on a waiting list, I never receive any other news for them and I never go on sea ? So should I start to get worried and apply somewhere else or should I relax a little bit more and be more confidente ?....pleeeeeeeeeease help me. I start to panic !!!!

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Hello all...Dom and everyone else.
I have loads of information regarding cruise ship and positions.

I myself have completed an 8 month contract aboard Celebrity's Constellatoin ship. I have been home in Canada for a year and a half now and am ready to return as I find life onland quite boring and routine compared to that on ships.
I applogise for any poor grammer and spelling...please bear with me.
I am just going to spit out some information on various topis regarding cruiship work in hopes of answering some questions ofr all of you who are interested.

okay....first and formost...if you are conemplating shipwork...make absolutely sure that this is what you want to do...and really think it through casue it can be a great experience or a terrible one.

I myself had a great experience. Make sure you can coomit toa least a 6-8 month contract as well.

Some pro's and con's to the following postions onboard.

(Cabin stewards)- PRO's- you save loads of money and meet tons of people. CON's (and there are lots of them) unless you are Philipino you probably won't get hired for this position. YOU WORK ALL THE TIME. You have to room at the VERY bottom of the ship. You usually have NO deck privaledges...meaning you must saty in certain ares unlike other staff that usually get free range of the ship except for the casino and swimming pools.

WAIT STAFF- Pros' you make probably the most money on the ship nd therefor if you are saving for something big you'll get it.
CON's- Off time is non existant or very minimal. You work 24/seven, must always be in crisp uniform,always polite, always full of energy and you never get much sleep...and you hardly ever get to see any of the ports...and if you do maybe 2 hours at a time-no fun.

SHOP STAFF- Pro's -OKAY you guys GET the MOST time off for anyone ont he ship. Yes people will be jealous of you. You can make some decent cash if you are on a european or Medditeranean itinerary. You have a close knit group of friends...and you guys can almost always sleep in after a night of drinking at the bar (which most other people can't) and your job is SOOOO incredibly eay.
Con's- yes there are cons. First of all you don't get to pick your first ship which means you can get a nasty boring ship or a crappy itinerary. If you think you'll love spending lots of time off at the beach on a caribbean itinerary...think'll get sooo sick of the same beaches and the same old thing to do week after week. Hope for a European itinerary where there is lots to do.
AS for's not really the best postion to make money as you get a small retainer and a potion of comission from sales of alll stores on board. I personally knew many of the Shoppy's and they were only making at most about 1200 dollars a month. I guess that's not bad considerring you hardly work. Also a common complaint was how incredibly BORING a shop job can get. If you need to be constantly moving and learning-THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU. But if you are just looking to take it easy, party and have fun-THIS JOB IS IDEAL.

Okay..hmmm Youth staff.
You guys are can do anywhere from a 3 month contract to 6 months. You get to work with kids and have fun. However this job does not pay great and kids can get very tiring and suck the life out of you. By the have to wear dorky uniforms.

OKay staff.
GREAT JOB. You work an 8 month contract but your second contract is of any ship you wisha nd anywhere from 4 months to 8 months for a contract.
Spa staffa re known to PARTY and have fun as you work very hard and are constantly on the go. You time off is like it is on land usually anout a day and a half per week. Okay we get 2 days on land per week...but you manager in the spa offers incentive time so you can reack up as many hours to have an extra half to full day off per week cruise. MONEY is great in this position as you make what you want to make. You can be lazy and never sell anything or don't boook your column...nad not make much money or you can really work hard and maximise your earning potential.
I myself worked in the sap and there were times I made 500-800 dollars U.S. in Tips alone per week cruise. This is ll cash paid U.S. currrency and although the U.S. Dollar right now is losing strnght it's all saved money nad yes you are not taxed.

I hope this answers some questions for you guys. I'll try to answer more in the future. I definately reccomend trying a position and traveling. Our ship in 8 months took us to 25 countries...isn't that enough incentive to go?
It's loads of fun...and thegreatest experince you can ask for.

By the way...I used as a hiring agency...if you don't hear back from them straight patient.

one more thing...someone said htat if you are contatacted to go you have to go right away? Thay MAY be true for youth staff...waiters and entertainment staff but not other are usually asked when the best time is for you to don't worry.
HAve fun.;)

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I`d like to get a cruise ship job, but stil can`t find a company helps me without paying or buying a book. Is anybody can help me, please!