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1. Posted by eits (Inactive 50 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hello everyone. my name is rob, nice to meet you. i love this place, because to me, it represents freedom in the best way. the freedom to simply move.
heres my situation.........i just moved back in with my loud family in LA, from kick ass San Francisco. I did not want to, but my best friend/roomate lost his job, and i didn't try hard to stay. Now I am very depressed about being back and know that i should have done everything in my power to stay. So, whats next for me.........thats what i'm trying to figure out. I do not go school, don't have a job at the moment, and am trying to make the most beautiful band in the world. My best friend was my drummer, and now he is escaping to Iceland. I have thought about going with him, but that's not now. I know I have to get shit together, and he needs to do his thing there. So I've been thinking of places to move to be the happiest I can be.....Japan or the Midwest are my choices right now. I cannot decide whether i want the most amazing experience (Japan), or get on with my life in music and everything else (the States). I cannot decide for the life of me. No matter what i choose, it will be in about 3 months............any advice?
thank you so much, and take care,

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Hey Rob!

Whoa - you have some serious decisions to make... I have some thoughts but will leave them until tomorrow...

I am posting to let you know that I have deleted your thread in North America. TP has a policy about double posting - it is not allowed. Because you do not have a set destination in mind, I feel you will receive better answers here than in the North American forum. What can I say - rules are rules...

Anyway, good luck with your sojourn and I'm sure you will get some good suggestions from the members here. ;)

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thank you, hope to get lots and lots........and lots of advice.

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I'm in a similar position to you mate....

My band split about 6 months ago just when we were starting to get our act together and it left me with nothing, so i decided the best bet was to clear my head and sort out what i wanted to do in life.....A good way of doing that is to see the world and be yourself for a while so i booked my Round the World ticket....at least this way when i get back i'll be more focused on whatever it is i choose to do!

So maybe its a good idea to do a bit of travelling before you move to a different country because you might never get a chance to it again

Hope it helps and good luck


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I suppose it all depends on what YOU want but as someone who went to college in the Midwest and who is now looking at moving to Japan (to teach English) myself, dude, I don't really see much of a decision to make there. I can see how it might be hard to abandon your dreams with the band though I guess. My advice, go to Japan, broaden your horizons and influences and make beautiful music down the line.

Hope you find your way.

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...let me see, right, .....right.......and right! this is what i need, more people with the same mood and attitude about traveling and finding your world. i used to be more rational and focused, but now that i've been talking to my traveling best friend for a few years now, i've shifted attitudes, this is more me......it's so true, i wont be able to do this one day. i quote my friend kyle "this is what i've learned about traveling, do it. if you want to see a place, GO! i can't say anymore"...........damn right, i don't want to THINK of what millions of places are like anymore. i want to know.
this is what i think right now, i'm going to japan. i decided this because i will always always always have a chance to see the states, but japan, i won't be able to ditch everything and go one day...the way i want anyway. i am just going to land there with the bag on my back and make it happen.
win or lose, it will be the best thing i've ever done. i would rather be starving in fucking japan than "confortable" and miserable in a wasteland.
thank you everyone,

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Hi Rob

All I know is you can't look for answers to your big decisions on here, you've got to be fearless and just do it. Only you know what you want to do and if you have the opportunity, nothing tying you to where you are, then do what you really want. To be honest I wish I could take my own advice on this one, I'm currently in that place of what should I do too. Anyway, take care, remember you can only try these things out.

Tikilou. x